1. Just downloaded their newest album, Those Whom the Gods Detest, and wtf. It's fucking amazing.
    They just keep getting better and better.
  2. what what what! gotta get that shit.
  3. If you like Nile I'm going to assume you also like Behemoth?

    If so, you're a good man, and you should listen to their new album it fucking shreds.
  4. Behemoth is my favorite band. Lol
    And Evangelion is amazing. Period.
  5. we should all be friends in real life.
  6. Haha. Yeah dude. I love new friends.
  7. Tell me about it I moved to a different town for college and it's so fucked up not knowing anybody lol.

    Behemoth is the fuckin' shit though. I went to a show of there's in Buffalo and I got to talk to Nergal and he gave me a pick he used in the show with their logo on it and I was so stoked.

    I went home and shredded the fuck out of my guitar with it.
  8. hahaha! thats awesome. where did you move too? i just moved to washington to go to school.
  9. I don't listen to metal that much anymore

    But I remember I used to love User Maat Re
  10. Just an hour and a half away from my hometown. I live in Cattaraugus county NY now, used to live in Wyoming county.
  11. right on man. im in seattle now. fucking lovin it up here! weed prices must be such a pain in the ass over there.

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