Nights Before Holidays:High School Reunions on Crack

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Ean, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. We'll it can happen at any time but it's likelihood is always increased right before Thanksgiving when people come back to town, old friends, people you haven't seen in years, sworn enemies, ex-girlfriends, past hook up, and everyone in between.

    I spent most of the day hanging with my buddy(not from high school), twisting a few blunts, running a few errands, and of course grabbing some lunch. Little did I know that a close knit group of the "popular girls" were meeting for lunch as well. After asking a few of them out in high school and being rejected it was nice to see how busted some of them were looking these days and 2 have babies and toddlers.

    After lunch I ran home real quick to help with some cooking prep for tomorrow. Dashed off to the bar to catch the hockey game with my HS buddy who's in from LA. Few kids we knew were there at a table doing some car bombs back to back to back falling off their stools and just being all fucking rowdy. Game ended and we decided to call it a night as to not cross paths with any cops so we decided to settle up our tab, say a quick goodbye to the drunks, and drive back to my place.

    When we got outside and hit the sidewalk we decided to have a quick cigarette. Our acquaintances decided that they we're going to leave as well as we finished the smoke. I watched in horror as they all hopped in their cars quickly and peeled out into the busy road and sideswipe a few cars. Cops we parked a few blocks down and blocked up the street arresting them all on the spot.

    I know you guys have some wild ones as well, lets get sharing :D
  2. Hok3y iz g4y son.. Jk it's actually pretty cool and I'm gonna have to get used to it since the NBA is still locked out. Good thing I've got college basketball.

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