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  1. About 46 nights into flower.

    Rofl loook at my lil runt of a purple kush.(Last three pics ) Wish I never topped her, I think thats why she is so stunted. Starting to notice purple in'er as well, she smells AMAZING and looks soooo crystally. Sucks that I will probably only get a few grams haha. Maybe I'll just make oil from it :)

    The mature lady is nearing 7' and looking good. I'm hoping these last couple weeks she will dense n thicken up nicely. She is either jack herer, time warp, or juicy fruit x early bird. I narrowed it down to jack herer or time warp though because I figured an early bird strain would have finished already...

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  2. Nice plants, looking good not much longer!:Dhappy harvest:smoke:
  3. 3 more days till first expected frost but im hoping to harvest on the 12th or so. Thanks :)
  4. looks very good. the one u topped is the small one? Hey it looks good and cristally tho! probably get more than a few grams if it gets a wee bit longer to puff up dont u think
  5. It will be more than a few after a week or so especially.
  6. Yeah the smaller plant was topped, I cut it way to early and not in a good spot. Near the bottom of my biggest plant you may be able to notice a branch that has a 'Y', that top worked great and taught me how to do it properly next time :D

    hopefully i will get more then a few grams, but there are many popcorn buds and undeveloped branches with lil kernal sized buds lol. Whatever nice nug does come out of it, I'm hoping it will be bomb.
  7. Lookin' real good!

    You planning on doing anything with the trimmings?
  8. Well I don't think the amount of trimmings will be enough to invest in bubble bags.

    I have all the tools for BHO so that is a possibility.

    Any suggestions?
  9. I highly suggest picking up/making a BHO extractor. With all of that bud, you definitely want to make at least a small batch of some nice oil.

    Keep tokin'. :smoking:
  10. i dont kno what ur weather like but u can harvest the top and let the lower branches nug up a little before u harvest them.. or else u can use tiny "worthless" buds for oil butter. nice job tho
  11. looking great, nice job.


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