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  1. Hi there

    just afew questions in which i have had difficulty gettin info on...

    whats the optimal resting temp during dark period?

    whats the optimal way to close down at night to avoid temp change stress?

    How much airflow during dark ( if any) do the plants need?

    I normaly blow a fan up into my turned off 12'' extration unit so fresh air is pumped into the g/r via the fan hole my extration piping is at the base of the door as this is the only place i could vent out of.

    I also use a mini fan which I *sometimes* use under the conopys to curculate airflow.

    Also there is a outside line pumpin fresh air into the g/r it is nonfan assisted and only trickles in at best depending on outside wind flow rate

    atm it is ranging from 60-70f (resting dark period)

    60f with both fans on + outside line - 70f with just outside fan + outside line

    The reson I ask is when i open up the g/r the bud leaf changes colour ever so slightly and go's back normal after the light have been on them alil while maybe 2-4 hours,

    I usualy leave the g/r to cool down by knocking of the light and fan b4 i tape the door frame and stuff the hole in the door then switch on the outside fan after taping is complete.

    Many thx -DeN-

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