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  1. So about a month ago, me and my bud are chillin at his house. we are on his porch smoking a jay at about 11 at night, and we get a call from his friend. he wants to know if we want to chill, so were like yea man lets get some food.( Bad munchies). so we agree to meet up at friendlys to get ice cream haha. I dont have my car so me and my friend have to walk. We leave his house and cut through a yard. i decide to light a jay up to make the walk a wee bit better. so we are walkin down the street at about 1130 and its fucking dark and we cant see a thing. I pause to hand him the jay and we cant see shit and were blazed up pretty good. we stand there for litteraly 30 seconds trying to do this transaction and as soon as he finally gets it, the car that has been right next to us opens up and this ladie gets out while hes in mid hit. me and this lady look at each other for prolly 10 seconds haha. once i realized what the fuck was goin on i was like holy shit lets peace. me and my bud power walk away from her ( still smoking the jay, no way were goin to throw the jay where theres still half of it left.) about 2 minutes later we hear the cops and tweak. then the sirens start to fade away and we chill out. we pause at a church and just start to crack up for like a minute just laughing. I roll another jay and we light it up and finish the walk to friendlys. there i had the most delicous ice cream ever. and just as we are leaving we see one of my buds from lacrosse and we smoke his brand new toro and he gives us a ride back to my buds house.
    All in all it was a good, funny night haha. just thought id share it to you all
  2. Welcome to the city! and cool story, i know the feeling with the sirens, my first few times i shat bricks having a cop go by me while i was riding a bike.

  3. That ALWAYS happens to me. One time I heard sirens in the distance and started freaking out. It was at night, and I looked behind me and saw a bus about 10 feet away. I thought it was a monster. Haha I'm blazed...
  4. Smoking at night is awesome, so dark and relaxing...

    lol, whenever some random person catches you smoking, just remember chances are they've done it too, at some point.
  5. Lol, I remember the time that a cop pulled up when my friend was driving without his license (he had his permit,this was a while back) and I was stoned as shit in the passengers seat just listening to music drinkin some water and the cops like "were you just driving" my friend says "yes officer" and the cop says "If i see you again in town tonight im gonna give you a ticket" and drives off and I literally sat there for a minute after just saying "is he gone?" when I saw him pull off.
  6. haha thats great. where you from because you said lacrosse im like 2 hours north
  7. ha. im from syracuse. big lacrosse town hehe
  8. Yeah I hate those false scares with the police. One night I was picking up and eighth from my friend, we met in a parking lot that we had both been increasingly paranoid about. It was a pretty sketchy spot, and that particular night we were both trying to get out of there as quickly as possible cause there were so many cops around that area just cruising around. So I get the eighth and i'm driving home (my house was like a minute away from said parking lot) and when i'm almost at my street I pass a parked cop car on the side of the road, obviously looking for speeders or something. Right as I pass him he turns on his lights and pulls out, so i'm panicking and thinking i'm fucked. I turn into my street and he goes right past me. My heart rate was so jacked I couldn't even tell you, but I laughed my ass off looking back on it.

    That was the only moment in my life where I actually considered eating my eihth whole to get rid of the evidence.
  9. I know the feeling of the sirens too man. Once last year me and a couple buddies were smoking some bowls at a park at night and were pretty fucking blazed. So we're on about our fourth bowl and we hear the infamous "woop woop" siren call. We all freak the fuck out and go running off in different directions. After running for a good 300 yards or so I turn around and see that its just a bunch of fire engines and ambulances haha :eek:.

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