Nigerian Puppy Scam (Beware)

Discussion in 'General' started by Digu Miki, May 24, 2013.

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    So my mom wanted to get an english bulldog, and she showed me some pics from a person she had been emailing about adopting some puppies. However, when I asked my mom about the person selling the dog, in the email she stated that he was a pastor from Nigeria (fishy) that was recommended to her by a lady on a dog finder site who said she gave the puppies to him. He stated in the email that he was sending the puppy on a plane here at 10:30am nigerian time and it would get to us the next day. I then asked my mom when exactly that would be in US time and she said she didnt know... She had already sent the money order of 400 bucks when I did some research and found out that this is a well known scam among people who look for puppies too eagerly. 
    Person from Nigeria claims to be working for religious purposes, asking for very low price for a purebred pup. They say they can't take care of the dog because of their "work" and the dog is AKC certified and dewormed and what not. But they provided no information like a facebook to verify they are real, a phone number (some do give phone numbers and even put on an act to think it's legit), and this person probably knew my mom would suggest a W.U. money order, but that is what they usually request anyway. This so called pastor had the worst grammar in typing, as he said in one email, "It is 1:45pm midnight here in nigeria." And he never gave a full address to the church he worked at. And when my mom explained her situation* to the person, they seem to completely ignore what she put, not even saying anything like "sorry for your loss" despite being a pastor. The way we were able to confirm it was a scam once this person pulled some sneak shit. They emailed her saying the dog was caught up at the airport for not having all its health-whatever to fly (even though it was a  guaranteed everything included kind of deal?) and that she needed to send another 625 dollars to get the dog. This is another common characteristic in this sorta thing.
    *My mom has been through a lot in the past two years. She lost her husband/my dad last christmas, went to a mental institute because of the loss and is still in the middle of grief counseling. I told her to take 400 from my personal saving because it's something I can easily replace, but now I'm just worried at how this may affect her. She is very religious so I feel that's why she took the bait of "I'm a pastor" so easily and didn't question much. I just don't want anything disappointing her at this time in her life, and it hurt me when I found out someone was taking advantage of my mom in such a way. 
    So yeah, to all those trying to get a puppy cheap and quick, don't go to puppyfind or dogsnow. And certainly don't trust anyone who claims to be a pastor.

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    An animal would have to go through quarantine for weeks before it could make it fully into the country by the way.
    Sorry to hear your mother got scammed after your loss, but everyone should know these countires thrive in internet fraud and you should be extremely weary of any buying/selling. Ever checked your junk mail? lol 
  3. Why would you wan't a dog straight from Nigeria anyway. Probably all mangy and shit.
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    Why on Earth would anyone think it's anything but a dumb idea to order a animal over email, from another country?...
  5. I feel bad for your mom cuz she's obviously not doing well...
    but I seriously have no idea how people fall for these Nigerian scams. I mean really? There's been stories about them on the news and everything. Surely they continue because they must be thinking "these stupid Americans fall for it every time!".....
    Avoid anything Nigerian online in the future....that goes for everyone!
  6. Yeah like I said, by the time I found out she was serious about getting this dog and I saw the emails, everything had already been done. My mom isn't techno savvy to begin with but I just wish she would have let me help her with this.  
    I've never heard about this sort of thing until the incident. And I found out that certain breeder sites delete bad comments or reviews that include exposing scams, So I also feel that some blame has to be put on these sites for not telling people the truth.
  8. scams aside, why would your mom find it necessary to get the dog from that far away? 
    there are breeders in the US, among other ways if you're looking for specific breeds.  and the pound if you're looking to be a good samaritan and all that jazz.
  9. Sucks what happened to you and your mom but it was pretty unwise of you to not know it was a scam. You live and you learn I guess.
  10. its sakawa, scamming americans on the internet is a thing over there
  11. Most Americans are stupid, makes sense lol.
  12. Most? :rolleyes:
    I hope you realize how ignorant and broad that statement is.
    OP, sorry about your Mom. You're a good son to try and help her.
    Another clue was AKC, hard to get an American Kennel Certification overseas. :smoke:
  13. good for them lol. your mom learned a lesson. they probably need the money more than you. personally i wouldnt scam individuals without knowing they were rich enough to take a loss. but people who buy $400 dogs dont really need their money IMO better go to these guys. sorry if this is harsh but seriously. tell your mom to adopt a dog from the shelter for free, and consider the $400 charity.
    so yeah i see nothing wrong with what they did morally. rescued dogs need homes, why support puppy mills and such with getting that kind of dog. my poodle is rescued, she is very very cute and healthy.
  14. I swear someone posted something like this in You Laugh, You Lose where someone revealed the scammer through a series of messages in the kind of smartass way one does on the internet. I'm sure if you can  find it you'll feel that much more vindicated.
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    If you see nothing wrong with scumbags scamming people, you need to re-examine your values. :smoke:
    Edited to add: @ Eddie, I missed that one, but this site is hilarious and well known for scamming the scammers;

  16. There's too many animals as it is, go to the shelter and adopt one.
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    Most Americans are ignorant in there own little bubbles , have no idea whats going on in the world regarding anything important, and furthermore thousands get scammed daily through phone calls, emails, and other ridiculous methods. Just to name a few factors so indeed yes most Americans are stupid/ignorant.
    Yes and no, it sucks the shit happens to people but maybe it will educate them to learn from their mistakes.
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    the same could be said about any country, so generalizing just americans in this way doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
    also, a large number of stupid people does not mean the majority is stupid.  there are more intelligent people in the US than in almost any european country, but i dont try to say that makes us smarter.
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    Well I am her daughter but thank you lol. Again I had no idea all was done until I saw the emails and I was the one who told her it was fake. I knew it was fake because they only asked for 300$ and the shit about the next day shipping. She isn't even that bummed about it but I just wish she had waited and let me help her with this!
    Also I do believe that a lot of people are ignorant and should watch out for these things, but I don't believe I would go as far as saying they deserve what happened just because they were unaware of the consequences. 
    Also my mom wants a puppy so adopting from local shelter is not an option. She has a right to choose that option so don't give me that "oh shelter dogs need a home" stuff. I know they need a home but frankly my mom wants a puppy so thats what I'm gonna get her.
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    There is a major difference between stupid and ignorant.
    Thousands is a gross exageration and to continue to state it as most, reinforces the level of your ignorance. Since there are over 300 million Americans, it is quite easy to show the silliness of a few. Some Americans are stupid, many are ignorant in different ways. :smoke:
    @ Digu, Dang, now I remember you having said that before. I sit corrected, You are a great daughter.

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