Nifty little tip for all fellow growers :)

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  1. So if you looked at jamo16's thread, I brought up how I use easy to find worm/Beetle larvae castings. Just wanted to show you guys what I mean.

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  2. Woah 57 views and no comments? unusual...
  3. I didn't see the thread. That stuff looks pretty rich and tasty though. How much do you add to your soil? Any termites in there?
  4. You can plant seeds straight in it, but I usually go half and half with soil. And actually I've never seen any termites in there, im thinking theres not much for them to eat that hasnt already been passed through something else lol
  5. I grew some purple hull peas out of a tree just like that last year. I did it as a goof, but they grew and actually put on some pea pods.

  6. haha I got a tree outback with a hole in it like that.. I ain't stickin my hand in it but I'll throw a clone in it lol watchh.. I'll post a pic on this thread.. probably grow a quarter o of some dank !
  7. It works ^ hahaha I've never done it with MJ but i did it with a tomato plant last year.

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