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Nicotine Withdrawal From A Spliff?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mlrock, May 13, 2011.

  1. So Friday night, I blazed with a group of people. We smoked two bowls and a spliff. This was the first time that I ever consumed tobacco, and I know as a fact that tobacco is extremely addictive. Anyway, the past several days since I blazed, I've been feeling very anxious and craving weed. I have had a strong desire to blaze when it wasn't an opportunity in the past. However, these cravings have never lasted as long as this one has. Is it possible that I am experiencing nicotine withdrawal as a result of the tobacco in the spliff I smoked?
  2. No. Not at all.
  3. Nicotine withdrawal making you want weed? I'm no doctor but I think your body is doing it wrong, if it is even doin it to begin with.
  4. tobacco isn't addictive, it's the filter in the cig that is addictive. chill out man
  5. Were any of these people European? My French homie used to make me smoke tobacco-weed spliffs all the time.
  6. If you've only smoked tobacco once there is no way you will have a nicotine withdrawl.
  7. you guys might be missing his point hes saying that he doesnt have the craving for the weed it self but a craving for the spliff becuase of the tobacco that was in it. i think its mental smoke another spliff and let us know how you feel if it happens again then we can some what positively say its the tobacco that you like/want

    edit: lmao wtf am i saying in the last sentence...fck it i dont even know man just smke who cares
  8. Seriously bro? All in your mind. When I was 15, I went through a "cigarettes are cool" phase. I smoked 4 packs until I decided they were just disgusting, and was never addicted/had "withdrawals".
  9. Obviously your craving the lifted high a spliff gives you. The combination of tobacco and weed is great, gives you a nice head rush and makes you feel high like 3x faster. It's not necessarily that you've become addicted to tobacco, you just want the same high you experienced that night. Now if you keep going with the tobacco, you could become addicted.
  10. What?
  11. lol wut

    and man your good , you just fell in love with Mary jane
  12. i'm blazed.
  13. Mmm I don't buy that addictive crap.I have tried them multiple times and it never stuck.
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    For real that's ridiculous nicotine is in the tobacco and smoke from tobacco goes in your lungs not the filter unless u smoke urs backwards. I use dip or smokeless tobacco and it's pretty addictive

  15. Well, nicotine is addictive... It's not crap, it's a fact I personally do not consume tobacco otherthan the very occasional hookah but I have several friends and both my parents smoke and many have tried to quit and not been able to nicotine is certainly addictive.

    To op, no you are not experiencing withdrawal from one spliff, you just want to smoke weed.

  16. ahahahah your jonsin :bongin:
  17. Your just immature and inpatient about smoking. I'm guessing your not even 18.

  18. and your wrong about that, you aswell must be under the age of 18.
  19. You think you got addicted to nicotine because you smoked one spliff? I have spliffs probably once or twice a week and have never had withdrawls.

    Even with heroin, one time will not make you addicted.
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    This is not true. Where the fuck did you hear that

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