Nicotine buzz vs Cannabis

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  1. Honestly, smoking a cigarette will leave me wayyy more fucked up that smoking a fat joint. I'll end up stumbling all over the place feeling like a fucking idiot. I know this is due to my extremely low tolerance to Nicotine but what the fuck? People say getting high is scary and Cannabis is a bit of a taboo topic with many older people but the buzz of a cigarette seems to much stronger/annoying. People are idiots
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    If you are "stumbling all over the place" you probably had way more than one cigg. Unless you were holding in the smoke for like ten seconds... Sound like you either dipped for the first time or smoked half a pack one after another. 
  3. What the fuck kind of tobacco do you smoke?
    Or maybe you just have, like, the absolute shittiest weed in existence.
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  4. That only happens to new smokers for their first few cigs haha. I quit a while ago, but when I still smoked I never got anything like a buzz after my first month of smoking. All that happened was I calmed down and stopped wanting a cig for a little while. Anyways.... FUCK CIGARETTES!!!
    I can say, with 100% certainty, that I feel a LOT more from even a small joint then from any cig I have ever smoked.
  5. Brooo I'm smoking on that Daaank dispensary shit
  6. They're Marlboro Reds. Fuck maybe I smoke that shit too fast like I do with my joints idk man
  7. Throw the cigarettes away. You're better off smoking male cannabis than tobacco, and probably won't keep you from reaching the top of the stairs. 
  8. I'm not trying to become a cigarette smoker. I was offered one and I took it and got way too fucked up. FUCK CIGARETTES.
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    That explains everything!
    Marlboro Reds are what I used to smoke, and I could see that if your first cig was one of those then you would feel like drunken sailor! Those things are called 'cowboy killers' for a reason. And if you smoked it fast.... then damn! Even before I quit if I smoked a cig too fast I would feel sick for a few minutes.
    Ew. That's hardly a cigarette. It was probably all the additives and adulterants that did you in. 
  11. yeah that nicotene buzz only lasts a short while, as previously stated it goes away after your tolerance builds and after that its just something to calm your nerves. cannabis imo is much better of a buzz. i will say that every once in awhile if i havent had a cig in over twelve hours i get a headrush but thats only because the cigs constrict your veins and make your heart work harder which fucks with your blood pressure. and that is the buzz you feel from cigs. i just made the decision today to quit smoking cigs because after 15 years of inhaling those toxins im ready to be able to breathe again....
  12. Good luck man! Just keep puffing on Mary Jane and don't look back!
  13. I remembered my first dip.... Red Seal Wintergreen long cut... I half passed out in a bathtub and puked everywhere. 8 years later and I think I have finally quit dipping :yay:
  14. I think you've proven that.
  15. Not if a cigarette fucks you up more.
  16. Cuuuu
  17. hey OP, seriously take a hit of tobacco out of a bong. tell me how it goes.

    I used to do it all the time. craziest headrush ever. thats the closest tobacco has came to weed for me. smoking ciggarettes never did that for me.
  18. Somebody has been tampering with your cigarettes...
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    I started smoking by basically just bumming cigs off people when drinking. I had to stop though, because every damn time I did so, I got sick. I started smoked weed before tabacco, and my friend that I usually bummed from smoked Reds. I'd tank through the cig as fast as he (and he smoked a pack-a-day at the time) and just feel like shit.
    As if that wasn't enough of a deterent, I eventually became more than an "occasional" smoker. But that only lasted 1-2 years before I decided time to quit. Cigarettes never left me feeling good; I just liked the act of smoking.
  20. Cigarettes never did anything for me, I never noticed even a slight buzz. Of course, I think every time I've smoked a cig i've been high, so I was probably too high to notice..

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