Nicotine Addiction

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  1. So, we all know Nicotine is highly addictive and shit...

    But for my case it's different.

    I've been blowing everyday for going on 3 years now. I will smoke a cig after I smoke weed. and it's always been like that.

    I'll smoke mayb 3 or 4 cigs a day.

    Basically...what I'm getting at is this: Anyone here only smoke cigs after they smoke weed? I really don't know how I'm not addicted yet. The days I'm dry I NEVER think about smokin cigs. But once I smoke weed I crave them...and won't be satisfied until I have one.

    Anyone else like me?
  2. After smoking among a few others like after a meal, after a shower, in the car, after sex, after drinking, after any upper, after any drug fuck.

    I guess I am just addicted hahaha, but if I don't have one all day I don't notice until that first one, then I just chain smoke from there.

    At my worst was a pack a day, I do like 5-6 on a good day and if I don't get truly fucked up.
  3. you conditioned your mind to want cigs when u blaze. your addicted =P

    but for most other people they smoke cigs when they r stressed or bored ior anything... so everytime they get bored or stressed they crave ciggys
  4. I have a mental addiction to nicotine. Before I've gone 2 weeks without smoking just fine.
  5. It's because you associated nicotine with weed, so you only want it with weed. Like milk and cookies, you don't eat cookies without milk, but you drink milk without cookies.

    Me, well I'm addicted to cigs, but i'm ok with it, and I can go a week or so without a cig no problem. It's just willpower.
  6. I use to be and I would be smoking 6-10 a day then I suddenly just hated them and would only smoke weed and no tobacco at all not even in my joints and when I did smoke one I would feel sick and just get a dull headache for a while.

    it may take a while but try conditioning your mind to do something else besides smoking a cig and don't have any cigs laying around that will help a lot.
  7. I smoke like 15 a day and yeah everytime I smoke, fifteen times a day.. I blaze
  8. I smoke very rarely, around a pack every two weeks or so. I've been doing this for about 6 months and I have yet to feel any withdrawl or negative effects.
  9. i honestly think its just a habit you aquired. i think of cigs randomly
  10. i usually only smoke when i work or drink. normally dont even smoke a whole cig if its normal cigs like marbs, camels. i prefer rollyos. when i worked i went through a pack in a few days, now that im not working ive had the same pack for over two weeks, and i havent even smoked half of it.
  11. smoking is bad for my lungs. i like to smoke but can only get through like 1/8 of a cig before im sick of it. makes me sad
  12. Back over Christmas break I found myself becoming slightly addicted to them. Like whenever someone would be around me and they were smoking...I'd think about taking a hit of it....But I always didn't because like I said...I'll only smoke after I smoke :)
  13. yea some people just reject it.

    my friend takes a few drags and he like gags for a sec. so hes quitting haha.

    and my other friends toke a lot and dont cough at all but one smalll drag from a cig and they cough like a bitchhhh.

    some ppl's bodies just dont accept cigsssss. its just how it iss haha
  14. Yea man, you deff have a mental addiction. Its imbedded in your brain to smoke a cig after you smoke yo herb. But keep this in mind that cigs while might intinsify your high for few mins will ultimately cause your high to be shortned. the nicotine casues the thc to leave your system faster. I smoke cigs, used to smoke new ports, pack a day now i get by on 2 or 3 american spirits, none those added chemicals like arsnic and shit plus they burn alot slower due to lack of chemicals. It was weird once i started smoking american spirits i would still crave other cigs like the new port or marlboro ect now if i smoke a "regular" cig like that i get sick feeling. they deff add chemicals in there to make it more addicting. if you smoke menthol try the american spirit menthol best/smoothest menthol there is.
  15. I smoke around a pack and a half a day, pretty fucking bad habit, but I don't really care.

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