Nicknames for Soking Marijuana

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  1. Most creative way you have heard or said that ment "Smoking Marijuana"

    Dont post Smokin Weed, Smoking pot, ect.

    Flying high over (Name of Random Country), Smokin that Hooch
  2. Eh... most of the phrases in my circle are inside jokes...

    "Exchanging gloves" - returned a friend's gloves and left a little present inside. The next time I saw him he asked if we should exchange gloves and it kind of stuck.
    "Visiting Doug" - dugouts are fun :)
    "Tipping the bunny hat" - You know, I really don't remember how this one came about...
  3. How about a 'memory aid' as in:
    now I remember why I like smoking so much.
  4. poke smot
  5. whenever my brother and i would talk about smoking in front of my parents he would always say "do u want to handle it/that?" so it kind of became our code
  6. Hey dude lets spark another owl.
  7. chilling with bob.

    as in chilling with bob marley
  8. Wanna go "play tennis"? - my buddy had a piece that was made out of a tennis ball that we smoked out of a lot
  9. "chato cruise" like hot boxin'...thats what we call it down here in South Tex...361
  10. Let's snap some ringers= do some bongs. It refers to the salient solution they give shock victims known as ringers lactate. As in " You look like shit, we need to go snap some ringers, dude".

    In my old 'hood, we used to call smoking schwag, "Burning Bush".

    Vaping is called Whizzing. Ever been whizzed, ted?
  11. I get severe munchies a lot. I call toking, "taking my appetite enhanser" sometimes.
  12. whenever i ask my buddy if he wants to smoke i say "wanna go to the homestead?" haha its our favorite spot to smoke.
  13. I'm always like hey man, you wannna chill? And their like yeah, and I'm always like no, you wannnna chillll chillll?
  14. Petting the cat, but that was only said if me and my friends were gonna do bong hits in a car.
  15. wanna go spirk or sperk (Chicago derivative or spark)

    get some fresh veggies

    play that new game
  16. feeding the duck because i got a duck shaped bowl lol
  17. getting a haircut and wanna eat some cereal? (using a spoon) lol
  18. Drinking cool-aid, or visiting big blue.
  19. Most of mine come from the names of my pieces...
    Sometimes it's "Do you wanna play some chess?" - I have a glass piece that looks like a bishop and every so often when we pass we'll say things like "Check" or other chess terminology.
    Other times it's "Run a play?" - I have a piece named computer's a little inside
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