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  1. Hey fellow blades I'm here to show you some stuff I do when I'm bored I love making homemade a because I'm gonna be honest I'm a geek okay and if your gonna hate (not including constructive criticism) than gtfo because this is DIY section. And FYI I do have multiple glass pieces; now here's the family picture:


    Ok so that's everyone all of them except the pipe use a 3/8 socket piece with a tabacoo screen here's a quick pic


    Alright now I'm gonna let you meet the family members from least to greatest imo:



    I made this when I was back in my apple pipe says I used honey and baked it so its basically fireproof hits kinda harsh but indestructible.


    This is my latest project this is suppose to be a beaker bong with a bubble staking inline shower head and so far the shower head works but I still need to add the neck and plug some holes only down side to this is it's used the most glue Et and it's not even done so yeah btw it stacks like no other.



    So this is my homemade bubbler it does it's job well but the minimum water line still barley gives it room to collect smoke so that's a downie oh also this includes a shottie so you done have to pull the bowl :) made this when I was super stoned



    Alright so this is a inline defuses okay medium size bubbles 6 holes on the inline also it has a attach on it's a 2 arm tree perc with a ice Cather that completes this piece but idk where it is lul



    Alright guys this was my first homemade I was critical on little to no glue and sharpness and I wanted it to resemble my dream bong "a inline nuetellas" (idk how to spell it's specific name correct) so I made it resemble that and I did a pretty banging job it's a better inline than the 3 by far with 11 SLITS it stacks for 2 inches past the inline. Also you can fill the WHOLE neck with ice smooth ass hits blades



    Okay so this is my second bong I ever made it was like 6 months after the 1st and I got incredibly bored and had some junk laying around so I threw it together to make this: a shower head on the top that defuses with the tiniest bubbles not much stacking but you can tell its a bomb diffusion: the bottoms just a simple down stem shoulda made an inline but I didn't think of it anyways you can also throw ice all around the shower head perc witch really gives the smoke a nice chill and it just ha the biggest and smoothest hits in all my bongs and the pull is just perfect and there's absolutely no drag... You can also tell its the one I use the most because of the brown and residue in it.

    So there ya go feel free to share comments and even your own stuff it's all good just remember stoners don't hate in the DIY section.
    (Sorry for errors or stupid parts; I'm so stoned)
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  3. so how do you get it to not start charring?

    the wooden pipe
  4. You guys are such n00bs, I strictly smoke out of my tinfoil pipe. I'll use my soda can in a pinch though.
  5. It's coated in honey and I baked it at 600 degrees in a friends kinlin and yeah plus it's oak very tough wood
  6. use better materials. gatorade bottles and hot glue look ghetto.
  7. I gotcha I wanna get better materials but it's whatever I rarely smoke out of them I rather hit a nice Georgia bong I have but I do like the look of #2 agreed?

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