Nice Looking Grow in need of help flowering

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    As you can see for my first grow as I got a cannabis card, they are looking ok so far. The problem is that the lower leaves started yellowing and I've been pulling them off. Now Im getting worried as I figured adding some nitrogen would help and it hasn't.

    I also put them in larger pots to help roots. I know I need more lighting as I only have four 26w CFL.

    However, I believe the yellowing is something else. If I add more nitrogen to them would it help?

    They are about 3 weeks into flowering

  2. That's normal. Leaves change colors in the (simulated) Fall season. Towards the end of flowering you'll be picking them off quite often. Looks good btw.
  3. yellowing of the lower,larger fan leaves is normal,dont worry about it,but you do need more light if you expect to get any kind of yeild.lack of light on the lower parts of the plant will excelerate this,but again dont worry,as the plant shifts into flowering it will focus more on budding,and leaves will start to yellow and fall off where there isnt alot of light,the plant does this to save energy,its completly normal during flowering.
  4. Thanks for the input. I just got some more lights. Is it worth saving the yellow leaves to make hash or something out of? Or are they not going to be worth using since there dead so early in the flowering process?
  5. My rule ... anything that dies prior to harvest goes directly into the trash. Period
  6. It is called WEED for a reason.
    You are over thinking it.
    I've come to the conlusion that these hippies have proliferated the myth that is is difficult to grow to keep themselves in business.

    (This could be my last post as the hippies along with their voodoo chicken will kill me and make it look like an accident so they can continue the farce...)

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