Nice little xanax pickup

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by hazard05, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. Just copped 31 (the pharmacist fucked up and gave her 1 extra lol) of these 2 mgs round Mylan A4's from my girl, gave her $90 for her, got some head and burned one with her when she came by to drop em of, my kind of drug pickup if you ask me;)

    Popped 2 and i'm feelin great, bumpin some music and burnin a few bongs. Took like a 2 month long break from these things, so this is niceeeee :cool:

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  2. howd u get a xanny hookup? ive been lookin for one for agess now
  3. My girl and her mom get them prescribed so she just usually sells me most of them, she doesnt like takin them that much.
  4. Lucky I pay 7 a bar unless I pick up quantity then I only pay 2.75 but I dont want that many bars.
  5. You lucky son of a bitch.
  6. do u kno what they said to get them tho? did they have to go to a psycologist or special doctor?
  7. Damn sexy pickup, and I think you just might be the luckiest person I know
  8. thas dope. wish i was as lucky as u. enjoy em.
  9. i want some
  10. Good ol' mylan wagonwheels lol...

    CVS is the only place that carries those around here, walgreens has got the yellow boys :cool:
  11. damn, i havnt had zanys in so long, i forgot how much i used to pay...

    i want some zanys now, sheeeit

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