Nice Air Filtration System for Workspace/Office

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  1. I've been in a couple of really nice cigar shops in my time, one in particular had the best air filtration system.. Four or five guys could be lightnin stogies at the same time and the room wasn't pungently smokey at all.

    Besides having a large humidifier.. what kind of system, size filter type would be best?

  2. idk, go back to that store and ask them, then come back here and let us know :)
  3. As far as I know, some restaurants use ozone in their ventilation system to get rid of SMELL, specially cigarette's smell (which is stinky as hell)...

    But keep in mind that TOO MUCH ozone smells actually bad and can be actually be harzardous.

    Read well about it before trying ozone, specially because cheap ozone machines MAY release some sorta of "nitrogen" thing that is explosive I THINK. So watch out!

    Hope this was somehow usefull!
  4. Casinos and other smoking places use an ozone generator

  5. Um dude, the air we breathe is about 78% nitrogen. People who have surgery with a scope are inflated with nitrogen. It is not explosive.
  6. Really with ozone generators. They can cause cancer or somthing. That why thy don't sell thoes ionic breeze things anymore.

    Hydro store guy said that if your gonna use a generator. To keep I away from people and animals.

    So I would love to use one but no thanks. I have too many other health poblems
  7. The Ionic Breeze is an ion generator, not an ozone generator. But yeah, ozone is bad to breathe.
  8. Didn't know it was ions or what.. but the smell is the same. That weird smell that comes from ozone generators at casinos.

  9. In very small amounts it is not really.

    Most public places that still need smoke filtration use "smoke eaters", a type of ion generator usually or they are indeed ozone generators and a special filter for the return air flow. I am just taking an educated guess here but I think what happens is the ozone helps to remove the smoke particle from the air flow and the filter removes some of the ozone from returning to the breathing environment. I could be wrong though.

    We used these in every bar and restaurant I have ever worked in over the years. Some work really well and others don't. They must regularly be cleaned to work right. They work well though. Not sure of cost.

  10. Liquid nitrogen is explosive under the right conditions. In a gaseous state it is far less unstable. I would say there is little chance of an explosion unless a serious build up occurs and conditions were just right which is probably highly improbable.

    Oddly though nitrogen is used as a component and in many of the compounds we use as explosives today... just not by itself. Although anything almost is explosive under the right conditions.
  11. Nitrogen is an inert gas it is not explosive. it does nothing, it does not support life. Now if you put liquid nitrogen in a plastic pop bottle, as it warms up it will create pressure as the molecules expand which will cause the bottle to explode.

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