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Discussion in 'General' started by JoaoPaulo, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. So basically I smoked a king size joint ( I find very hard to roll it :D ) and I was feeling awsome so I went to Macdonal´s , ate some nuggets and drinked some coke.. the weahter here is awsome right now.. about 30 degrees . Then I went back home and now Im here.. so Im always trying to remember "what being high" actually means.. toke on mates:smoking:
  2. Sounds like fun. :)
  3. My boy steve came by early today. We took off, He was my ride to go get 2 o's for 2 bills.

    So we took off, Watin for one homie to come through with it. But he took awhile and i called another dude. This dude is a asshole but always 2 for 2 and good greens.

    So we was watin n he had to go pick up a half and break us off 2 oz's off it.

    So we went to my homie marcs who deals with smaller bags. Went over there and got a 20. Me n stevie both throwin 10. And marc smoked a joint with us then smoked another fat joint with us. Then i said fuck it and broke the whole 20 sakc up and rolled up a huge white mans. Over a foot long.

    While smokin that homie mike came thru with the 2 oz's. Showed up with a half and broke it down there and did bizz. Then he got outtie and we finished the joint and left too.

    I 'gave' a o to stevie. Then now im down to like 1.5 grams left outta 2 o's. Busy day. But good day, Got stoned all dya.

    Now bout to take a shower then drink n smoke...

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