Niacin Detox?

Discussion in 'General' started by Rp360, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. is this guy's (Mellowmushroom) claim true about niacin? I've heard of niacin pills helping with getting the THC out of your system. But I didn't think they would completley get it out of you. I just thought they would help speed up the process of getting it out. Well if it is it would be nice to have when it comes to finding a job for the summer. I also don't really understand what he means when he says: "it has to be the 500mg, if you pop 2000 mg with the 100mg Niacin, you'll die".
  2. I doubt it works as effective as he said, but I'll try... I have my niacin pills, and starting tomorrow I'll be detoxing, and I have home kits to test my progress...
  3. Alright, make sure your taking the right dose though. He claims the wrong ammount or mixing mg's can kill you.. Be safe.
  4. So does anyone know if niacin completley cleans THC out or just speeds up the process of getting it out of your system?:confused:
  5. speeds the process
  6. i wish it was that simple but it's not it does speed the process but so does green tea excercise and sweating in general. alot of people are talking about azo pills and how they clean you out very fast.
  7. Oh, I know of a detox drink I can get that will clean me out for 5 hours or something like that. My friend drinks it since he is drug tested regulary, only problem is its like $15-$25 a bottle (ready clean). Since those niacin pills aren't going to instantly help I might be stuck with buying a bottle of that or getting in touch with someone that has clean piss and will piss in a bottle for me.

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