NHL, NBA, Fifa, Madden, & NCAA 12

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by HT, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. which is the best game
  2. Defiantly NBA, fifa are great games im just not big into soccer.
  3. Sports games have been the same game reproduced with slightly better graphics and one or two new features for like 5-6 years now.
  4. fifa, i never liked soccer and thought absolutley nothing of it until i bought fifa 10. the funnest sports game ive ever played, so intense. SO intense. plus the be a pro on fifa is probly my favorite out of all sports games. theres 500 accomplishments to make your guy better. I bought nba and regretted every single second of it. 50% of the time or less layups miss, that sums up the game. it just pisses you off, it doesnt run as smooth as reviews say aswell. fifa or nfl!
  5. Haha I'm a hugeeee sports fan/gamer and I gotta say I love FIFA every damn year and I don't even like soccer really.. Kinda getting sick of football even though I love watching it. NHL's a lotta fun too and so is NBA so it's your preference really haha. Fifa and NHL get bonus points for being great games to play stoned too :smoke:
  6. doms right, i forgot about nhl . the only sports games ive bought recently new are nhl 11 and fifa 11/12 .
  7. they are all good besides madden. nba 2k series is consistantly rated 9/10 the past couple years. nhl is usually 8 or 9 out of 10. ncaa is solid but not great and same with madden although id say madden is worse than ncaa. ive never played fifa but it gets great reviews.

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