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Ng/ml Level Decrease

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by thedoobieboy, May 24, 2013.

  1. Obviously for each person it is different, but just curious is to how much on average (or best to your knowledge) does the ng/ml level decrease per day. This depends on a couple of things such as metabolism, workout and so on, but just curious if anyone had any information or knowledge on how man ng's per day if the person isn't smoking of course ! Thanks for the help/info! new to this site, love it!

  2. Really interested in this too. Subbed.
  3. Honestly there are so many variables that come into play nobody can give you an answer, at least not a useful one. Sorry.
  4. I thought subs weren't on here anymore?
  5. They are. Upper right hand corner where it says "follow".
  6. Anybody have info on this.. For example ive seen some guys come on here and say they had a registered level of 500 ng/ml then a week later be around the 250 mark.. so does this mean it cuts around a half every week or so, or does it drop 250 ngs.. so if it was at 50 ng, would it be 25 ng a week later, or completely gone due to that 250 ng drop per week... Now OBVIOUSLY i know each person is different, but any realistic would be great for all of us to know! Thanks !

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