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Discussion in 'General' started by dealer#420, May 3, 2006.

  1. ok i was just wondering how many of you watch football, and if you do what your fav. team is.

    my fav. team is the ravens btw, i dont know why.. ive never even been to baltimore. but i think the ravens are going to be around the #4 seed and hopefully take it all home. now that kyle boller is reading defenses better, we got a healthy jamal lewis, our defense is bigger this year and with no injuries.. the ravens are the team to beat. my guess is that they will get 10-12 wins this year. i want to see what you guys think
  2. haha, I LOVE FOOTBALL!!! As a kid i grew up loving the cowboys because of my dad and emmit smith, Now im a HUGE bengals fan, since i live in cinci and were kickin some ass this year! LOL

    fuck the reds!
  3. i love the sport and i hope to have a champ in the end this year. i am a fan of several teams though. i like the Cols first , the Panthers second, the Bengals, and the Bucs. i really love football and it is a tradition of my house to wtch all games and to sit on our asses all day, except when we go out during half time on some games and throw the football. God i love football. JOE>
  4. fucking love football, been watching it with my dad every sunday since i was a kid. Go broncos!!


    suck, go pats
  6. yeah football is tight. i love to play and watch.

    Bucs is my #1 team since i was a lil diamond rasta livin in Tampa. I cant fuckin stand the colts. Yes, i live in Indy, yes i HATE the colts. fucking peices of shit.
  7. football is a great sport, my favorite team is the seahawks. fuck man we got jipped in the super bowl dude. fuck those refs.
  8. yeah im a big bengals fan. we should do pretty well again this year as long as palmer is fully healed(because we all kno that kitna cant hold his weight, god i hate him)

    bengals are usually the only team i watch but occasionally if i dont have anything else do to i will just watch all the games that are on for that day

    oh and i agree...FUCK THE REDS
  9. go skins, they are going to be unstoppable this season
  10. skins did get some pretty good pickups (b lloyd and randal el) but lost a little on the defensive side of the ball with arrington takin off... but they are a fun team to watch.

    as for my favorite team... im a 49er loyal and im expecting big things from v diddy... we're in a rebuilding process, but hey... champs by 08 sounds about right to me
  11. minnesota viking fan :smoke: even though we seem to be the laughing stock of the nfl lately i will still stick by my team!

    PS: we throw the best boat parties :hello:

  12. dont forget you really like them whizzinator's, they come in handy if you dont get caught with them.

    but yea im addicted to football, its a tradition where im from basically. btw no offense to the broncos fans but.. i hate the broncos :smoking:

    wasnt kitna traded? i thought he was but im not sure. btw i also think he is pathetic lol
  13. kitna was a free agent that signed with the detriot lions
  14. Im a Jets fan. I go to every home game, and watch the rest on the tube. But ill watch any game thats on. Every sunday during football season I sit on my ass all day smoking my bong, drinking beer, and munching out.
  15. ok thanks for clearing that up

    ive always wanted to go to a home game in baltimore.. but i never really have the time or money.. it would be great to go tho

    Tom Brady is GOD
  17. Palmer throws circles around brady :laughing:
  18. pats are nuts, hope to see them play good this year.

    what u guys think of bledsoe throwin bombs to T.O in dallas?
  19. pats arnt good as they used to be, but they are still a dominating team. and about bledsoe and T.O. well... they are both getting old and T.O. is still cocky so it will be interesting how that works out

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