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  1. I've seen NFL pipes but not bongs. Has anyone seen one or could point me to the direction where I might be able to find one?
  2. The only times i have ever seen NFL team logos is on customs and china glass. I think having a teams official logo on merchandise w/o permission(and $$) is illegal. An american company with a line of NFL themed glass would probably be sued and shut down. Best option is probably just to find a blower who could do it somehow. You could also have a team logo sandblasted on a pre existing tube if you wanted to.
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  3. It would be a custom piece or a lower quality Chinese piece like the previous poster said. The NFL would never allow their logos to officially be put on something you smoke out of, not to mention anything even remotely related to pot.
  4. Custom Etai x Sachiko Campe


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  5. ^ that shit is fresh
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  6. ^ Sick as fuck.
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  7. That shit is fresh. I hate the 49ers but DAMN!
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  8. I know right, not even a 49ers fan and im jelly.
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  9. It should have ice notches with the logo in them. That would be the freshest :)
  10. I've seen a San Fran Giants mini-tube on Instagram, along with a Jets, 49er(Might be the one posted above, i'll have to look), and even a Dodger one.
  11. Delete: Double post, my bad
  12. Ice notch logos would be really difficult (I am willing to bet, defs not a glass blower) since it is glass being stretched and the area is tiny, probably too small for a millie too.
    The bottom with the logo is sick. Any Minnesota blowers that want to rep MN sports I will be definitely purchasing it.
  13. Seen some Indian made bongs with the logos on them. Get something custom like that sick ass 49ers rig.
  14. Your best bet is to go super cheap China glass or have a custom tube blown by an artist and have him put millies that are related to the NFL/ football on it.

  15. The folks at Legacy Glassworks in Duluth would work with you on a custom MN piece.

    I've seen some pretty sweet MN stuff in their shop. Like pipes made from Lake Superior agates and a bubbler with the Duluth lift bridge sandblasted on it. They also have Vikings and Packers chillums in stock usually.

  16. Seahawks FTW!

  17. I would buy an D.C team tube, especially if it was a skins one.
  18. [quote name='"This Fuckin Guy"']

    Seahawks FTW!



    ^^^its funny you want a skins one because I want a Giants one... Sup?
  19. Nothing much just about to win the division next week ;)
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    [quote name='"PuFyy"']Nothing much just about to win the division next week ;)[/quote]

    Go skins. If I get going on the Giants, I'll go off on a long ass tangent like Sunday...multiple times. But we do need the cowboys to lose, so like I said, go Skins.

    I hate the cowboys/Eagles but never really had any hate for the skins. Dislike sure, but not hate. They were never really a threat, they were always just there, ya know. The dislike is growing strong though. I do love RG3 though. Great dude with great skills. Fuck his team though.

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