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  1. Alright I'm still growing my 4 babies but i have realized that i want a much larger scale operation. So next May I will be starting a grow a way from home as long as the weather cooperates. Yall might be wondering "wtf.. he not even done with his grow yet and is planning next years", but I want it to be rather precise, therefore I'm going to starting buying the supplies i need now.

    So I'm here to ask yall what equipment should i buy, Ex: #1 Dank Outdoor Strains that yield rather nice, Nutrients, Soils, ( I haven't decided if I'm using totes or going to dig a hole and back fill it.) and any other amenities then i might need, organic pesticides etc etc.

    Thanks in advance GC!
  2. dig bigass holes, fuck containers... holes dont need as much watering... Strains I like are AK-47, Mango, anything with Goo is a yielder, Blue Dream is great to grow. Ive decided to do Himalaya Gold and Frisian Dew next year and maybe some Soma seeds too, either G13/Citralah or Reclining Buddha... Use Organic nutes, thats another thing Im doing, General Organics is goood, also Roots Organic...
  3. Sweet man thanks alot. Any advice on were i should purchase my seeds? I think i will dig big ass hole man! Right when winter gets here and its raining hella i'll be out in the briars with my work books on.
  4. this is shit i use.. ill be using it next year aswell i can get literally the best soil ever 33 bucks for 300 pounds haha

    ya so heres my list to help you out

    dig holes knee deep 2 feet wide
    organic potting soil
    i use GH grow micro bloom and love it gonna grab a few other but stick with GH
    soapy water

    strain im growing this year is hindu kush skunk ... next year im gonna be growing some ak47, chemdawg, purple kush, and a nice skunk ...

    just get your seeds from somewhere good so you can read up on that seed and figure out its perfect enviroment

    i as well will be going alot bigger next year im gonna have to buy all the new stuff plus gas money and find a new spot..

    im gonna find a reallllly reallly good spot that is super super stealth no ppl anywhere and somewhere that gets sun from 8 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon that would be awseome .. im gonna throw mine out probally around may
  5. Same here man!

    I'm growing some P kush clones right now and let me tell ya there lookin dank.

    I'm def gonna dig some big ass holes. How many plants do you do? I plant on having quite a few. If all goes well.
  6. Any more suggestions on strains.. i heard jack herrer is a good oregon outdoor strain along with lemon diesel.
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    Yep I got a few. 5150 has spent many years in the bush.

    At this point you got all year to worry about what you need. Forget all that for now. You need to find a spot now. I say this for the under brush and trees will be in full bloom. You will know what will hide the plants and what area will get full sun. Finding a spot is tricky at the start of the season. Trees do not have full leafs. Under brush is not even started to grow. So if you find a spot right now. You will know what to expect next year. Making it easy on ya.

    When you find a spot. You are going to make a heep compost pile. To do this you just gather all the soft under brush you can find. Ferns or what ever is there. Nothing woody.

    Pile all the brush weeds and ferns into a pile about 6'x8' and about 4 feet tall. Let it sit all year. When you come back next year the pile will be about a foot tall. You Then will have piles of good compost to mix with the soil you pack in. Also when you leave the compost pile for the year. Go to a grage sale a buy a little pocket knife and fanny sack. Leave that fanny sack on the pile and the pocket knife next to the fanny sack. Like you forget it. If anyone finds your pile. They will pick up the knife and fanny. Animals may move a fanny sack. But not the knife. This is why I say leave the knife next to the fanny. I also do this at my grow site. I remember how I left the knife and fanny. If anyone saw your site. They will pick up the bag for sure. I also leave knifes at other places around my grows.

    Also it never hurts to see what condition your plots soil is in. You can take some soil from your spot to a nursary. Have them test your soil for a few bucks. It will tell you a lot if you can even work with it. Or not use it at all. Also scavenge around the plants in the area. You looking for slugs and what not. Also look for small animals and deer.

    Until them read every outdoor grow you can. I am talking hundreds. Then pick your top 10. Then start over and pick another top 10 that you think you can do. Then follow what they do to a tee. Do not side track and listen to friends. Do what he does for you liked it so much.

    Also I forgot to add. You need to do a drain test. If the soil is clay then you holes will not drain right. And you may have to grow in pots for that area. Just did a hole about 2 feet deep. Then dump in a good gallon of water. Watch to see how long it takes for the water to drain.

    Like I said. Right now I would worry about the spot. Finding the right plot is by far the hardest part if you ask me. Seems like millions of decision and questions to make. If you find your spot now. You just answered many of the questions you would have had next year while looking for a spot.
  8. Thanks a bunch 5150!

    I'm pretty sure i already have my plot in mind, maybe even 2 different spots.
    If your familiar with George Cervantes's medical grow bible, I'm using the technique of making a small tunnel that open upon a larger patch after 20 to 25 yard in briar bushes.
    I'm tellin ya 5150, this spot is awesome, it gets great sun for east to west pretty much all day. I'm just trying to make it as low profile as possible. The fanny pack idea is great.

    Thats great, i didn't know my local nurseries could test the native soil. (Shows how much i know.) I think i'll try that before i decide to plant in the ground with amended soil, dig and back fill, or just buy pots.

    Any way man, all advice is much appreciated. Oh yeah, I'm going pick up those Ph up and down kits to test all my water. Seems like its working great for you.
  9. Will brair bushes camo the grow all the way into fall? Or will they die out and leave your grow in the open. George may be a different area were the brair season is longer. check into that for sure. Another reason why I say find your spot now. for you will be able to see how it all works this year.

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