Next step for preserving hash after Ice wash

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  1. We ran things through yesterday. Not sure on the total weight of the fresh frozen trim. But stopped after about 6 hours of doing runs non-stop.

    My arms and wrists are beat to crap. I will definitely be making a snorkel for bucket #1, so that the liquid just pours out the bottom and then I reload on water and start beating the plant matter again.

    Any suggestions on processing the collected grades? They are just chilling out in the fridge right now. We do have a strainer but no microplaner.

    Can this be converted into those brown hash balls/bricks that look oh so lovely?
  2. I think you'll find that if you work your trichomes (bubble hash) with your fingers it'll more or less turn into that darker balls n' bricks. In reality though, the dark hash of yesteryear was a product of many contaminants so by today's standards it's not as desired as pure blonde piles of trichome heads (finest grade bubble hash). I'm no expert but I'd get them out of the fridge and spread out over a glass surface, with maybe a very gentle breeze over them, to dry out.

    I'll be making some fresh frozen out of my whole plant here pretty soon (except for maybe the prettiest of buds that I'll trim up).
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  3. When we heat and press the bubble hash it turns a darker color. That's all we meant by dark hash.

    We may have to hash the whole plants we have outside, because of weather. Not eager to do that though. So much physical labor required...

    What do you do with the blonde hash after you dry it? We were considering pressing ours.
  4. Just curious. Should the buds be grinded before going in the Ice water extraction? We used fresh whole bud and leaf. We ran around 454 grams of fresh through multiple runs. Using a drill attachment.

    We yielded around 7-8 grams of fully dried hash. So only a 2% return...

    We are looking to try smaller runs with more ice, and allowing it to sit before filtering.

    Any other suggestions. Because that yield is really not acceptable.
  5. Hash Master 5000 - Dry Ice Method, Hash Oil Capsules, Everclear Tincture
    I get around 15% with the Hashmaster 5000 and 10 pounds of dry ice. No need to dry the kief-hash as it's never wet.


    3 hours will knock out around 3 pounds of buds with 10 pounds of Dry Ice.
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  6. [​IMG]
    This is so your wrists and arms DON’T get beat to crap
    Awesome check the vids on YouTube

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  7. Hey Brass...Do you use the block dry ice, or the pellet form ? Or does it matter ?
  8. My ice house sells it in a 10 pound block and I break it up into golf ball sized chunks to do my smashing with. To small chunks and the ice won't break up the buds so I'd think the pellets wouldn't work half as well.

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  9. Just did another run.

    We had 1 collection that looked like blonde kief. And all runs regardless of the screen sizes following the initial run were light green to dark green in color.

    You can also tell by the way it dries how impure the collected product is. Honestly this is going so sideways, We may just opt to make either butter or Qwiso the remaining fresh frozen.
  10. I don't break up or grind my bud before doing bubble hash. I use an RV washing machine.
    If you look at Amazon for these you can find them way cheaper than the ones that say bubble hash or similar on the lable.
    Same machine.
    1st wash, layer of ice, layer of trim/bud, layer of ice.
    Water until just covered. Rehydrate for 20 minutes.
    Run for 30 to 60 seconds.
    Rest and settle for 20 minutes.
    Drain it through your bags.
    Repeat for 2nd and 3rd washes but increase wash time to 3 minutes.
    I don't go past 3 washes because I start getting green hash if I do. Usually.
    Yield is anywhere from 3 to 15 percent. Depending on starting material. Straight bud is always way higher yield.
    I heat and press.
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  11. @MrFooey Thanks for the input. We aren't going to get one of those machines this season. But we'll try your method of letting it sit both before and after agitation.

    And go back to the spoon method. :( Gotta go buy some more Aleve before the next run :D

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