Next state to go Rec?

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  1. Based on your opinion and facts on states...what state do you think will be next to make recreations marijuana use legal

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  2. it'll be a western state. Arizona, California, and/or Nevada.
  3. Perhaps Maine.
    (From Maine NORML)

    US ME: Maine Judge Revives Referendum To Legalize Marijuana
    Foster's Daily Democrat, 09 Apr 2016 - PORTLAND, Maine (AP) - A judge on Friday gave a victory to supporters of a referendum aimed at legalizing marijuana by overruling a decision by election officials to reject thousands of signatures. The same judge who upheld Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap's decision to reject a casino referendum proposal because of invalid signatures on Thursday revived the campaign to put the proposal to legalize marijuana for recreational use on the November ballot.

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  4. I would say California, Nevada, Arizona, Hawai'i on the West coast or Maine, Mass., New Hampshire, Vermont, CT in the East. I'm betting at least two states from each coast legalize this year.

    Middle of America will come eventually. Ohio would have been big as it would've been the first Midwestern state. Missouri is getting close too, apparently.
  5. michigan is trying to get it on the ballot...against the corporate monopoly pricks though like ohio
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    VT's bill died last week. It was a failure. The governor though itd be up and running in 2017 and it got killed in like 5 days. Went from full rec (minus edibles until further research on implementation), growing, local dispensary not big pharmacy, to decriminalized growing two plants being equal to one dries ounce (I believe). Then that turned into funding police more $$$ for prevention of illegal cannabis (lol) and education on marijuana in schools... So I have no clue what the fuck happened in VT. They wanted it legalized via legislation because it can be implemented faster and they wanted to reap in all the taxes/tourism before MA legalizes in 2016 ballot.. which means VTers going right outta state for their herb, losing out on millions of taxed $$$ that could've been theirs. Not to mention their opiate epidemic.... In Rutland people straight dope fiend leaning at bus stops. As we know, mmj states have a clear effect on less opiate death/abuse.

    Edit: my guesses are AZ, MA, ME, NV, CA , RI (possibly MI). Both RI and MA have bad opiate problems. Well the USA does... All have the most mmj to rec friendlymarket/population established, Imo. Maybe VT gives it a try on the ballot since legislature failed. I truly thought they'd legaliZe... Their governor thought it'd be finalized this summer... That's how legit it looked, it was depressing to watch the daily updates as you see the bill get dismantled day by day...

    I'd reckon for sure : CA (their state is in dire need of some $), NV (literally makes 99% of its $ from their MMJ program from tourism due to reciprocity), MA (their bill is like CO's legalization with lots of support), RI ($$$, reciprocity factor, big support) ME (large mmj population, talks of it for a while , much like VT, RI and MA), AZ (it's pretty much gonna legalize). I see 2016 as the year that causes the federal government to implement reclassification/rescheduling, not sure about federal legalization or just amendments and the states implement their guidelines
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  7. Take Arizona off the list. The last I heard, which wasn't too long ago, Arizona is a no tolerance state for MMJ. A buddy of a friend of mine was pulled over for speeding just outside Tucson. The cops found one joint that he had forgotten about, and the car was impounded and he went to jail for about a month. I don't know what his fine was.
    If I were to Hazard an opinion, would be California.

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  8. The Arizona police and politicians might be hard asses about marijuana but rec is on the ballot in 2016. A presidential election year is the absolute best time to try to pass it with all the young voters showing up.

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  9. As soon as Las Vegas feels a loss in tourism to rec states they will make the business decision to allow recreational cannabis, IMHO.
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  10. Arizona has some of the most medieval marijuana laws in the country, last I heard. Possession of any amount is considered a felony there, unless that's recently changed. Recreation won't be legal there for a long time. If you look at the states that legalized weed, they generally go through a process over the years where weed is slowly made legal, and AZ's got a long way to go.

    I'd vote for California or Nevada.
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  11. Something is missing here.
    MMJ is legal here and AZ honors out of State cards. They can't buy here legally but travel and private consumption is permitted.
    AZ also protects non-federal or safety workers from getting fired for testing positive if they have a card.
    There are three petitions circulation for recreational.
  12. Maine or Cali. I see once NY makes it legal then more Eastern states will follow. Once Illinois falls the battle will be lost in the heartland and more will follow.

    25 years or so I see it being left to the states with a majority having some type of rec
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  13. Yeah, I was going to say I live here in Arizona, and I have a medical marijuana card in my pocket. Yes AZ has some harsh Marijuana laws for those without a medical need and state licensed card.
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  14. Nevada has it on the 2016 ballot but it is a badly written bill. It's called IP1

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  15. I'm just gonna say that Washington state doesn't allow for rec growing unlike other legal states. With medical set to expire in the state and dispensaries closed, patients will need to adhere to the same rules and regulations as us recreation users. That means no growing med card holders.
    HB2 is in the house right now that will change that. Legal is not legal if you can't grow.

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  16. I would say maybe Puerto Rico, but a 60% they will legalize, and a 40% it will stay illegal. Now the laws are strict, or sorta. I have smoked in the beach in Puerto Rico, with cops around, I'm pretty sure they can smell it but don't give a shit, :smoke: Bernie Sanders said he will legalize weed, I'm not sure if he meant in the U.S or Puerto Rico. He came here less than a month ago, he said yes to legalizing weed, if he is elected, it might be legalized in PR. The govener called for legalization, hopefully the other governer (new one) agrees and legalizes it! YAY :judge::hello::weed:
  17. I thought I'd heard that WA was changing their grow laws. I'll disagree that legal is not legal if you can't grow, but I think it's ridiculous that you can't grow any amount WA.
  18. MA has overwhelming support for the ballot initiative, which last I heard included the provision that anyone can grow an unlimited amount of plants on their property with the caveat it is for personal consumption. Public support is strong enough the house was trying to push something through this summer, but I believe the governor promised to veto and that fell apart. Guess I have to wait a few months too start putting walls up on my entryway/porch and adding circuits and running water lines from the half bath on same porch for easy access. Wifey green lit the project under two conditions, it is legal, and I grow tomatoes and herbs as well. Hopefully the start up sticker shock doesn't dissuade her.
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  19. Arizona will be next!

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