Next state for medical? Anybody know?

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Marrijuana, Aug 5, 2012.

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    Feds is messing Cali up but with all the stats coming out bout crime going up from closing dispensaries Cali still hasn't gone under completely[/quote]

    Yea true man.. it just sucks all the dispenseries around me closed :( its like one step forward then two steps back..but the fight never ends here
  2. Los Angeles is getting screwed by the city asking the dea to work with them. Up here in nor cal near sacramento its all good
  3. If Ohio doesn't hav it in 2 years , I'm running for State legislature ...

  4. was thinking the same thing... 2 years, I would actually meet the age requirement as well :hello:
  5. Wacth out just because your state might have medical te country is working on MMJ reform all over and wacth out they might clean it up and make it like NJ MMJ program anti-MMj ppl think jerseys way of reform is the way too do it right now it's impossible too abuse unlike any other state
  6. [quote name='"Dum Dum Boy"']New Jersey[/quote]

    NJ is already medical mass
  7. I'm thinkin Mass. I hope.
  8. Yea mass is looking good for their next ballot
  9. NJ had potential to the east coast's quiet and the grow game is probably the best on the east right now
  10. Senator in Kentucky proposed MMJ. Word is that we might become medicinal in 2013. God I hope so. It would be one benefit of crohns disease.
  11. There's been parades going on in the state recently.. They're trying hard to get it out there. I have a feeling it'll make it this time.. If not it'll make it much further than the last one that basically died. He also made it to be similar to the MMJ programs that Michigan and a few other states have compared to the first Gatewood Galbraith Memorial Medical Marijuana Act which IIRC had flaws.
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  13. i hear ya there, it's not exactly tropical to your west
  14. CT was just passed October 1st
  15. Okc trying to legalize and run it like Colorado...that would be the shit..
  16. On the november ballot in Arkansas, fingers crossed, but hope is low honestly
  17. I know va will be last, fuck puerto Rico will become a state an have it legal before Virginia.
    Do the math bible belt, extreme right wing(99%o the time) and a commonwealth which means va=screwed.
    But the capitol can have it-_-

  18. not going to pass either...

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