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  1. I'm half way through my flower cycle give or take and already planning next. I want something powerful to the senses but also high yielding and I have been thinking about Barney's but want any experienced good decisions to help me. I really want to rock my canopy. I am using a 600 hps that can be turned to 660 plus I have a 150 hps totaling 810 watts. Later I will upgrade to high end led but I am working on hps right now. I also plan to probably upgrade to a 4x4 from my 3x3 then later use both to have 25 square feet. Recommendations?

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  2. Check out Barney's Farm 'Mimosa Evo'. I fell in love with the pics and they claim up to 30% THC for "Master Growers" and only 25% for us newbies. I'm within a week of harvest (my crop now, not Mimosa)here and can't wait to get started. Going to be 2 Mimosa Evo, and 2 Tropicanna Banana from Barney's too. Every video review of a Mimosa strain claims that it's the best smelling flower they have ever smelled. But the Pics!! The colors!!, lol I can't wait.
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  3. Yeah Barney's has some really good looking strains that also claim a big yield. I really want to try some photo purple punch and blueberry og. Thanks for responding

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