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  1. OK. I'm looking for a short-medium size plant; indoor.

    Any recommendations?

    Just finished Nirvana Papaya.
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    I always recommend this.

    The first time I grew it I barely paid attenion enough to water lol.It was winter,and the room got real cold at night.This PE after a 4 day dry already had a decent smell taste.After jarring it only got better.Friggn packed with crystals,and I mean it.Caked with them.Bag appeal off the charts.

    But if you wanna stay with nirvana seeds,I recommend wonder women.Smaller plants that dont seem like they will yield a lot,but they are decieving.The buds are sorta narrow.Wonder Women is also one you can count on to have decent flavor right after a proper dry.Again jarring makes it better of course.

  3. Plushberry? I'm growing it now, young but nice so far, just transplanted.
  4. AKA Pink Lady?

    A friend of mine had this once. Thanks for reminding me of this one.
  5. [quote name='"GreenOranges"']

    AKA Pink Lady?

    A friend of mine had this once. Thanks for reminding me of this one.[/quote]


    Also, bay 11
  6. If you were happy with Nirvana first time around, I will recommend their Northern Lights......i grew it on my first grow and was very happy with it: super easy to grow, short stocky plants (2.5-3.5 ft in height), vigorous growers, and solid yield. Averaged 2 ounces per plant after a 5 week veg cycle. As you probably know, their strains aren't the most stable and there is some variability, but all the phenotypes I got tasted great (two were very sweet and fruity!), and are very enjoyable smokes.....a couple of them are quite potent

    Anyhow, more details are in my journal if you need them. I also submitted a grow/smoke report on two of the Northern Lights phenotypes already, this can be found in the smoke report section.

    With the quality of smoke, yield, and ease of growth for less than $8/feminized seed, I highly recommend the Northern Lights. I did their White Widow too but it didn't shine like the NL did.

    Happy growing!
  7. Update.

    I went with Wonder Women from Nirvana. I also got some Auto from Nirvana... bubble gum I think, or whatever they are calling it.

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