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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by BlakenKayla, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. :smoking:Okay im planning for my next grow and im buying 20 white widow seeds.:smoking:
    :DI have 2 daylight cfls,1 softwhite cfl and 2 24" fluro tubes.:D
    :smoking:Im using Miracle grow organic potting mix with no feeding formula. :smoking:
    :DIs that a decent soil?:D
    :smoking:I plan on germinating and growing 3-5 seeds at a time and feminizing my own white widow seeds for my own grows in the future.:smoking:
    :DHow would i make my plant turn hermie?:D
    :smoking:And is my setup okay?:smoking:

    :DMy grow space is about 7 foot high,3 ft. deep,and about 2 foot wide.:D
  2. Buy feminized seeds to start with, then you will have all female, save the best to be a mom plant, and you can clone from it when you want more plants. You need way more lights. Atleast 50 watts per plant, and that's actual wattage, not equivilent. The soil will work good. Remember not to add any nutes for the first 4 weeks.
  3. yeh i plan on buying feminized white widow seeds but im only gonna get 10 instead of 20.and i plan on buying about 10 more daylight cfls and about 4 more softwhite cfls will that be enough? they are 24 watts a piece.I even have a room setup for either sea of green or cloning :)
    but i have 2 questions.
    how would i be able to hermie a plant?I want to hermie one of them and pollinate a female so i can have even more female seeds.
    How can you clone?I mean where do you cut at?

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