Next Batman Villain??

Discussion in 'Movies' started by youngbeast817, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Who do you think is gonna make the transition next from the comics to the 3rd movie in Nolan's Batman movies??

    I say Riddler
  2. i think two face, but i would be very happy with the riddler, i dont think 2 face is dead honestly

    that, and it cant be the last of the joker, it wont be in the next movie, i really doubt it but sumtime there has gotta be another joker i mean, the joker IS the batman villian of all villains

    i wonder who will replace and try and fill the shoes of heath:(
  3. I don't think they would even have the balls to replace him, it would make the whole series + the actor who plays him look bad

    But I agree I think Two-Face is still alive
  4. im thinking the riddler.
  5. I'm almost cerains it's riddler, I want it to be bane also, with the back breaking storyline.
  6. its gonna be catwoman , and Angelina Jolie is going to play her.
  7. Like its catwoman!!! Played by angelina jolie!!!
    It was in the news!
  8. lol, guess that says it..

    i was hoping for two face, he was pretty nuts, and theres still chance of him being alive.
    maybe theyll both be in it.
  9. I definitely think if not The Riddler then Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn.....they're definitely wanna go for the sex factor.

    maybe all of them.... and 2 Face will maybe make an appearance or whatever.
  10. just once in these movies i would like to see the joker with harley quinn. que sera sera i guess
  11. the riddler unless the jolie rumour is true
  12. I think some good options would be, Clayface, Killer Croc, Ventriloquist and Scarface or maybe they will keep it classic and bring back the Penguin, Riddler or Poison Ivy
  13. I think Jolie for Catwoman would be a good idea.

    If they have the balls to give the Joker another go, I'd hate to be the actor who had to play him.

    No way.
  14. it is going to be the penguin
  15. oooo... jolie as catwoman. me likes.
  16. I just watched gotham knights and I have to say the way they portrayed killer croc was awesome, the whole deal with the scarecrow scaring him to hate bats and how he is a maniac that filed his teath down sharp and suffers from a skin disease. They could just transfer these ideas into the new movie and have him as a sub villian, just a cannibal that runs the streets eating people.
  17. Haha yeah Gotham Knights was pretty good. The only one part I didn't like was the first one
  18. I'm not one for anime, but I loved The Dark Knight so much I would sit through that shit. The killer croc seemed believable and something that they could tie into the 3rd movie.
  19. id prefer to see jolie as poison ivy since i like green but if its a guy it owuld most likely be played by someone like johnny depp i bet who i am not overly fond of i also hope they do something about that obnoxious voice batman has when in costume wtf is up w/ that he gets like 30x deeper in a costume

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