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  1. Hi guy,

    Just letting you guys know HeadHunter is out, they could not hold him as they could not prove he sold anything, which he never did sell, so he was let out Last Friday (Good Friday) with just a small $1000.00 fine for having more than 2 plants.

    As you know i got rid of all my stuff just in case as he used to frequent my place every evening.

    So i am back to starting with seeds until i can clone again..... The Supergirls and the Project is still ongoing i moved those to my friends house and he took care of them since, but they are now back at my place.

    This is why i say to you all, if you have a male plant, make use of it by using it to pollenate at least 1 or 2 lower small buds so you can get seeds, coz you never ever know when you might just have to start over from scratch and these days ordering seeds online is very dangerous, especially to the American Growers.

    Luckily i had a stockpile of seeds from when i used to sell Nirvana Seeds to the islands.

    I will post Pics in a few days of the super girls. ONe good thing came out of this is the room was cleaned 100% and i had time to rethink a new layout, which should work much better for me.

    Unoit, I harvested the Bubble Bucket that Friday he came out, Buds were nice and thick and dense and VERY sticky, i gave Headhunter that entire plant for his personal smoke and he says its KILLER! So thanks for all the help on the bubbler, much appreciated, I will have at least 5 buckets going as soon as i can start taking clones again.

    Well thats the good news, bad news is starting from seed again and the loss of my PPP, Marley, 4way Special strains. Currently have new seeds on order for that plus i gave a couple plants to a friend taht i think i can still take some cuttings on.

    Later All.
  2. glad it all worked out (well, mostly worked out anyway). Good luck on getting rolling again.
  3. Shitty to hear about your plants bro, but you know you would rather lose some plants, then be arrested and shit.

    Glad everything worked out, happy 420, now go grow some more pot

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