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  1. It just interrupted my tv show and is on now. Let's see what's going on
  2. Obama said it's not his preferred plan but it should ensure that we don't have another problem 6-12 months. I don't think that sounds too great because, well, what about two years down the road?

    This still hasn't passed congress. I think it's safe to say it will. Liberals and tea party people are pissed
  3. I was just watching that
  4. It's a shame we're even in this fucking mess. The government needs to go down.
  5. Oh, I just can't wait for America's economy to come crashing down upon itself. "Greatest country in the world" my ass!

    Today's lesson: Don't borrow what you can't pay back!

  6. I hope you realize that when the American economy collapses so will everyone else's. Ignorant people make me LOL.

  7. US buys most of its oil from Canada. So... Don't say that, or your country is going to be hurting too.
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    Wrong. When Japan's or China's economies collapse, THAT'S when we're all fucked. We'll be fine. We're not the ones indebted to other countries, you guys are. Canada's being smart and has been distancing itself from the US economy.

    Let's see, America owes Canada over 40 billion dollars, close to 800 billion to both Japan and China each, 230 billion to UK... America is fucking itself over hard. Yeah, other countries will be out some cash, but it's cumulative.

    We aren't all relying on you guys to pay us, but rather we have been supporting you guys for all these years. A new era is ahead of us. Plus, there's China, India, Japan, UK, and many, many other countries that can and will buy our oil and water.

    EDIT: Above, well they obviously haven't been paying us for it now then, have they? Canada is building it's own refineries as we speak. We aren't as reliant on the States as you may think.
  9. United States | Oil Imports | OPEC

  10. I wasn't expecting you to reply :laughing:
  11. Like I said, there are many other countries more than willing to buy our oil, and the States will continue to require it as long as there are cars on the road.

    Canada has an interesting thing called the TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange). It's OUR economy, we aren't as reliant on you guys as you think. In fact, the States are more reliant on Canada. We pretty much own their banking systems too you guys are so shitty at keeping track of your debts. Get some better accountants, damnit! :laughing:

    Stop being so self-centric and look at the whole picture. You guys are NOT the only country in the world with an independent economy, the 90's are long over, my friend.
  12. Canada sucks, I think pretty much everyone agrees.
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    I disagree. On both your statements.
  14. You're the only one
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    I'm really not, though. There's another thread about it. lol
  16. Nice stealth edit. :rolleyes:

    I just love trolls. :laughing: At least the other guy was debating, though he could take it a little less personally. It's fun talking about this kind of stuff.:D

    EDIT: Sorry, K. Was directed at that other dude.
  17. list of facts:
    *canada doesnt suck.
    *canada may not be 100% reliant on the US but you have to be considerably naive to believe this crisis will not have an effect on canada whatsoever
    *i would love to move to canada in the future
    *canada is americas hat
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    If the US has a crisis, the whole world usually feels it regardless of reliance.
  19. Yeah, but if our money is worthless, how is Canada going to get money? Also, exporting oil to India and China won't be solution because Saudi Arabia is right there to supply them.

    You're a bit naive to think default won't fuck up a lot of things.

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