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Newcomer to the game, nute question quick help appreciated.

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by JBizz, May 14, 2011.

  1. This whole things started as an experiment really just to see if it would work, but i found myself investing more and more money into it so im hoping that it turns out in my favor..

    Using a 400w mh light (got it for free just had to buy the bulb)

    I have used it once so far making sure i didnt use the ratio it says on the back i actually 1/4th'd it.
    my question is anyone know if the nutes i bought are alright? and how often should i be using it?

    Nute I bought, at the hydroponic store they were originally $45 each but i got a deal on the two ($40 for both) because one bottle had leaked out a little.

    Suggestions for usage?


    My plants going on their 5th day



    Thanks for the helpp.
  2. Not an expert but they lookin alright in my opinion except that lil one in the corner can't help u with ur nute question but gl with ur grow
  3. I think the veg nutrients should have all N P and K, 1-0-2 has no p in it your gonna most likely get a deficiency, looks like its already showing deficiency, they might be ok but I'm not sure... I would give them about 18ml in a gallon of water, your not gonna burn them with that weak of nutrients... you could probably even go 25ml to the gallon and wouldn't see much nutrient burn, but I wouldnt give them over 20ml until they are bigger
  4. what kind of soil are you using?

  5. on the bottle of both it says word for word:

    Instruction: Use both parts together creating a fusion of nutritional elements for intensive growth, flowering and fruiting.

    Should i use only the growth one for vegging or follow their instructions and use both.

    and im using coconut coir
  6. Every plant needs N, P, and K among other elements. COCo coir provides no nutrients at all so you must provide everything for them when you fertilize them. You MUST mix both of those products together to give plants N, P, and K. Just PLEASE don't mix them together before you add water!!! Add both of those nutrients TO THE WATER. It appears that you may have either an early nutrient deficiency in some of those plants or a pH problem. have you checked the pH of your run-off?
  7. also...the Grotek GROW has NO phosphorus and the BLOOM has no nitrogen...so you MUST use BOTH
  8. Fuck lol guess I shoulda did a little research before I got my nutes but w.e. I got it cheap and I'll have to make it work. But as for nute defiency or a ph problem I'm pretty sure it would be nute defiency because I had them under some cfls for a week didn't no that coconut coir didn't have any nutrients so they were growing for around a week and a bit with nothing. But I'm going to go get a ph tester within the next few days tho
  9. anyone have any advice on vegging time/flowering time? this is my first grow and i dont really know what to do next just sorta going with the flow..
  10. Plants will double sometimes even triple in size when they flower, so veg until it's about half the size you want it to be when it's done... and depending on strain it will take about 8-12 weeks to flower.
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    Well, it depends on how much you want to yield. I have flowered after 2 weeks of Veg and ended up with plants that made short buds and only yielded about a quarter oz each. I think that optimally, you want to veg for 6 to 8 weeks and then switch your lights to 12/12. optionally you can prune the tops of your plants, veg longer, and create plants that have more than 1 main cola to increase your yield. It's all good...just have fun and don't stress too much...you will learn so much on this journey and it is sooo rewarding....
  12. Gunna update with some pictures soon. I think they're doing alright all the new growth is alot darker green than before, still didn't get the ph tester yet but thats on my to do list. Also I have another light same as the one I have now 400w mh and I'm thinking about taking half of em and splitting them under two lights so I can experiment with two different groups and play around with em see what I can learn. Anyways let me no what u think ALL help is appreciated. Pics coming asap
  13. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    i have a white widow clone and i've had it on a 24/7 schedual for about a month.i have it in a grow tent under a 150 watts light. it is now about 2 1/2 feet tall. i just topped it a little bit so would it be ok to throw it into flowering already or should i wait. i have a 600 watt light that i will use for the flowering stage.any advice would be helpful
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    The second light that I have
  15. Bad news :( apparently half of em have been infected with spider mites so I'm waiting for a buddy to grab some pesticides for me can't use lady bugs or any of those methods cause I'm doing this in my bros closet and he doesnt want any more bugs being brought in.
  16. anyone no some cheap solutions to get rid of these fuckin things?

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