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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by stayintheb0at, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Ok so here is the spread, myself and 2 other associates want to start growing in a 5x5x5foot cube closet. We would like to know whats going to basically going to give us the better harvest.

    Current Setup plan: growing autoflowers
    1. mylar to cover the whole room
    2. aerogarden delux
    3. x2 oscillating fans
    4. x2 cfl laps ( to hit the sides and bottoms of the plants)
    5. advanced nutrients
    6. aquarium air pump with airstone
    ( little angle seeds ) ( only femzed autoflower seeds i can find at the moment)
    cost: roughly 450$ for whole set up and seeds

    the good thing about this setup (we think) is that since they are autoflower we could have a quick turn around 8-10 weeks, our question with this is: can we grow 5 plants at once in the aerogarden?, what watt cfl lamps should we use? what kind of airpump/airstone should we use.

    We would also like to know if we would get more bud if we just grew (1) non-autoflower plant ( like some widow, or blueberry ) in the aero garden and waiting a little longer than lil guys would take, and if we could build a diff setup for the reg. plant for cheaper and the 1 plant would give us more MJ then please let us know!!!!!!!!
  2. Your basic set-up sounds pretty good. I have never used an aerogarden, and I was under the assumption that it contained its own lights. If not, I would go with 6-8 150w CFLs (43 actual watts). The autoflowering strains are fun and relatively easy to grow. Good choice for your first experience. Keep the lights as close to the plants as you can get without burning and start out with half strength nutes. As things progress, bump your nutes up to full strength.

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