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newbs in amsterdam (share your stories)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by joey101, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. Hi guys first time poster here.
    I'm travelling from the UK to Amsterdam in a few weeks' time with some friends for 3 days of (hopefully) amazing highs, but our group is generally new to weed & drugs. Personally I have smoked a couple of joints at college  but nothing major and the guys I'm going with have never smoked at all so obviously I'm expecting things to get  a little messy. We are also likely to try out amsterdams magic truffles so it will likely be a holiday to remember (or not). Im aware Amsterdam's weed is incredibly potent and we will likely take it slow and see how we are before getting to reckless and looking like complete asses so we should be OK.
    Anyway I'm excited to go and I am wanting to hear stories from people in this community who have visited Amsterdam and are willing to share them.
    Wheres the best coffeeshops? Im looking at dampkring and greenhouse are they any good?
    Also has anyone here tried the truffles? How intense was the trip?
    Any relevant tips are welcome too.

  2. Try not to be loud, obnoxious tourists.Also, if you're not very experienced I would stay away from the truffles.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  3. Don't go to the greenhouse or bulldog they are the equivalent of macdonalds under the coffeeshops. Go to the smaller shops outside the center for the real potent Dutch weed. Also don't buy shit on the street.Sent from my LT26i using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  4. Truffles are no different than originals.
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    I really liked The Bulldog. The best thing to do is don't plan it out, just go out there and experiment yourself with different Coffee shops and bars. After the first night you will have an idea of what part of the culture in Amsterdam suits you. Since you have never smoked weed on a consistent basis, I would also recommend you take it very slow (especially on your first night, perhaps try to smoke some herb before your trip too).
    Enjoy your holiday.     :yay:
  6. try learn how the tram system works before you get super blazed coz its hard when your high hahaha! speakin from experience! you'll love it mate but try not to do anything to piss off the locals and dont get drunk and go into coffeeshops to smoke a joint a piss all the chill people off! i reccomend you try a place called abraxas just near the tram stop called dam, very very nice coffeeshop with 3 floors! bud tender is very educated and very helpful although he does ask everyone for id on entry so please dont be offended and he has a nice selection of bud and hashes for you to pick from and sells nice fruit juices!
  7. thanks for the replies so far guys ...
    good advice thanks. I was looking at coffeeshops online and missed abraxas somehow, the place looks really good and its not too far far (15min walk from hotel).
    i dont think ill be drinking while im out there, seems daft to get drunk which i could do anytime at home when theres so many otherways to experiance highs and only a few days to get them.

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