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  1. i just started to grow 5 days ago and my plant is sprouted and healthy so far but im doin it outside where it gets plenty of sunlight a few questions.
    1.) are ants a problem if they r in the potting soil?
    2.)how long will it take to mature?
    3.)is sunlight better than indoor growing?
    4.)about how big will it get?
  2. 1.) I'm not sure about ants, i don't see whut they would hurt, but if you grow indoors you should just buy some soil, theres other bugs you can't see in it too that might be a problem.
    2.) It will take as long as the grow season is to mature if its outdoors, if you have a plant indoors you can have it mature by 4-5 months.
    3.) Well the natural sun is always better i think, but indoors you have more control over your plants, you can have more light on them a day, and its faster indoors so you could say its better.
    4.) It depends on how old it is by the time the season is over, and what kind it is. I would guess it might get a little over your head.

  3. 1 - No

    2- 4-5 months but frost will get you this season before its ready, unlesss you live in sunny south florida or california. Then the decrease in sunlight will prematurely stop the growth.

    3 - Yes

    4 - all depends on the strain 3' to 8' on average

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