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  1. Hello, i'm considering starting to grow. I'm interested in hearing you're input on ways to grow. Like for example what one is:
    Overall Best:
  2. how much space do you have to work with

    i have a 3'x5' closet with a 600w hps, a 4" squerrel cage exhaust fan, passive intake, and i use the earth juice grow, bloom, and catalyst. i usually finish 10 plants in 3 gal pots with about 1oz a plant
  3. Easiest: Soil / Outdoors
    Fastest: Autoflowers
    Cheapest: Soil / Outdoors (Free Light/Electricity)
    Overall Best: There will never be an answer for this.

    I personally grow Aero/Hydro. Take a look at my grow in my signature!
  4. Honestly I have a whole room in my basement i'm not using so space isn't a problem. I don't know how big the room is but it's pretty big. It's like half of my house.
  5. thats great i'd say build 2 seperate 6'x6' rooms one for veg and one for budding each with a 1000w light and a 6" can fan in a soil organic setup to get 1.5lbs every 2 months
  6. All of the answers to your question are subjective and will depend largely on your goals, your resources, your abilities, and your grow conditions.

    If you want to harvest 12 ounces a year for personal use of about one ounce a month, you will have very different answers than if you want to harvest a pound every two months.

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