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  1. hey all i am new and about ready to harvest need a little help with white widow trichome readiness.
    I am using a celestron usb scope not much amber..... ANY GUIDANCE much appreciated
    white widow 12 7-26-19.jpg white widow 12 7-26-19.jpg white widow 5 7-24-19.jpg white widow 5 7-24-19.jpg
  2. Can you get shots of your budsites instead of sugar leaves? The trichs on leaves always mature a lil faster than the buds.

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  3. yes hang tight i will go get pics now and try to upload asap thanks so much for your response i am getting close this will be my first harvest!! 30 more seeds after this test run!!! im so stokeddddddd i love this plant
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  6. this is a complete organic grow no nutrients, ph water tested, stonnington grow blend soil.
    When is harvest window?
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  7. Looks to me like at least 4 weeks or more(leaning more towards the more option). You'll notice it's time when the calyxes your pistils shoot out of swell, the pistils will also change to orange-red , and your buds will fatten up considerably. Go check out the harvesting section and take a look around. You'll see what I mean.

    Your plant looks like it's been in flower for maybe three or so weeks, is that accurate?

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  8. Sitting on 4 weeks. It's an auto flower white widow from ilgm. I will research the pistils. Then I'm concerned on how to dry perfect.
  9. My understanding is clear, straight standing trichs are a heady, spacey, sativa like buzz, heads hanging and clear equals body and mental high, amber trichs more body buzz, couch lock...
    This is all taken into account against your strain characteristics.
  10. None of it is easy.
    I cut fan and large sugar leaves and hang as branches.
  11. I really appreciate your help. As I learn this site and grow alot more I will reach out and update over the next few weeks. there is probably a wealth of knowledge here.
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  12. Read all the stickies in the beginners section. There's a literal treasure trove of info here. Anything you don't understand Google. Or ask. Lots of experienced growers and noobs to source info from.

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  13. heres a chart for the ripening of trichomes ,,mac, when-to-harvest-cannabis-diagram.jpg
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