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  1. I was hoping to get advice on how my olants look 15 days in. I am a 1st time grower.
  2. Put up some pics in natural light please
  3. 20190717_225421.jpg 20190717_225453.jpg 20190717_225448.jpg 20190717_225448.jpg .
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  4. Any thoughts. I am growing in happy frog. I made my own set up.
    Just built a 3×3 box to better accomidate. I started with a large plastic tote after 2nd node. Crumbled foil 5 dollar store plastic containers I drilled holes in. I am using 3 led 60w (8w equivalent) in those clamp light with aluminum reflector.
    Cheap set up but advancing alomg the way..
  5. Are you on a tight budget and limited in grow space?
  6. Not so much a tight budget. I just want ti learn more before I invest. I am big on using what I have and inprov. I have space and eventually want a 10×10 grow room. Just startimg slow gaining knowledge.
  7. That's a smart way of thinking. Well, health-wise they look good so far. :thumbsup:
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  8. Some if the leaves are drooping some are curling up but over all they are lush dark green with nodes super close. I am investing more now. Built a grow space and decided on 600w led with supplemental lighting. Im growing with my plants. Learning feom them and those with experience..
  9. Well, this place is filled with peeps ready to help you out. Are you going to be posting updates of your grow on this thread? If so, I'll tag along to see how this goes. :thumbsup:

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