Newbie using a Crafty - Questions?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Crystalarts, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am very new to this. My wife and I tried some Tangerine Dream the other day (Smoke) and got very high (probably took too much). we smoked about 0.2 grams i would think between us.

    Anyway, We didn't like the smoke. choking, sore throat etc.

    I want to get a Crafty and had a few questions. I have looked at other posts but some of the terminology can be confusing. so....

    1. Is this a good vaporiser for a couple like us who have never really taken any grass before and who will be using together (once a week or so).

    2. How many grams vs puffs vs temperature would you suggest we use in it to get
    a) a nice chilled/focused high
    b) a very high high?

    3. If we used lets say .15 g in the crafty, do we have to use it all up in the one "session" or can we take a few puffs over the space of 30-45 mins?

    Basically I am trying to figure out how to get high for a few hours using the crafty as I am so new to this and don't know what to expect vs what we experienced the other day. we took 2-3 draws each when we smoked and we ended very very high. I loved it but my wife not so much... although she is an ex smoker so knows how to take more into her lungs so was probably higher than me.
  2. Hi,

    here are your answers:

    1) Yes, definitely.
    2a) 0.15 g/180 C/5-6 puffs
    2b) 0.2-0.25 g/210 C/10 puffs
    3) Crafty is a session vape so for the best efficiency you have to vape it all at once.

    If you have any other vape-related questions - feel free to ask!
  3. Thanks so much! Just some follow on questions,

    A) You mention 10 puffs, how many puffs would you think I could get out of the 0.2g?

    B) I assume if I put 0.2g into the crafty it's one "bowl". Is that the correct terminology?

    C) you mention a session. How exactly do you define/describe a "session"? You said all at once so I assume you mean use up the 0.2g (bowl) in one session without it cooling down.

    D) how long is a session usually?

    Thanks again and sorry for the obvious questions
  4. A - it depends on temp and draw rate. I guess that at lower temps you could get up to 15 puffs.

    B - correct. 0.2 is almost full bowl. A full one would be 0.25.

    C - You assume correctly :)

    D - it depends on the intervals between the puffs, but usually 6-10 minutes.


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