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Newbie questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stewart452, May 6, 2011.

  1. It's about firecracks I know its in the wrong section but it takes forever for people to answer in the incredible edible section but I was wondering

    Is it ok I didn't grind the weed and just used my hands to break it down?
    Will I be able to straighten up when needed to like I I have to talk to someone?
    How long will an edible high last usually?

    Thank you
  2. Yeah if you hand ground it that should be fine, not as great but it still works.
    As of the high, its more of a body high from my experience, in that case yea you should be able to one on one someone within an hour, atleast i can. really depends on how much you eat, how high you get, tolerance, etc.
  3. Thank you for the answer and not being a dick like half of the members here
  4. Haha yeah no prob, i try to represent the nicer half of the city. If its a forum there will be trolls i guess, lemme know if you got anymore questions.
  5. Yes
    It comes down to qualility of the weed and your tolerance. If you live with your parents and they are really against dope I wouldn't risk it.
    For a firecracker.. 2-4 hours
  6. i dont know if you be able to ''straighten up'' b/c of tolerance. does this person you need to straighten up for interact with you daily and know when your ''off'', i.e mom/dad?
  7. youll be fine breaking it up with ur hands. i would suggest making a few fire crackers with only a lil bud on each. eat it see how you feel 45 mins later and eat another if needed. my first time with firecrackers was terrible. i ate too much and it felt like i was tripping on shrooms or somthing. i almost called 911 because i thought i swallowed my eyeball..... so yeaa start with only a little espically if yu have a low tolerence
  8. another good way to grind up your weed is a shot glass or something similar and sharp scissors.
  9. All I can say is make sure you have the right peanutbutter and oils needed. I wasted 3 grams making 12 firecrackers that were completely useless. Learn from my mistakes :p
    Check+Double Check that you've got the right ingredients.
  10. #10 DaFt VaDer420, May 6, 2011
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    LoL I recently tried to make some half ass firecrackers out of bread, pb, and some bud....baked for 23 min at 300 degrees....kicked in after about 45mins....high lasted 4hrs....basically they were toasted pb sandwiches...I say it was a success...

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