newbie questions re: temp and thermometers

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by kaBLAM, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. hi...can't seem to find the answer to this...

    but is the thermometer that i get supposed to go in the dirt, or on a wall, er whatever?

    should it be getting hit by the light? it is warmer under the light (400watt hps) so i'm imagining i would want the temp. reading from where the plants are. air temp is seriously at 80...all.the.time. it's a basement grow. we have proper ventilation, but i'm hesitant to buy a/c for a 1 light operation. it just seems like overkill since it's not THAT HOT in there. know what i mean?

  2. put it somewhere in the room.

    the lights dont only produce "air heat" but also "radiation heat" so make sure to not get your plants too close to the light (probably using hps/mh?). but your hand under the light just above your plant, if it doesnt heats up too much within like 2 minutes you are usually fine.

    whats 80f in C? you should be between 20-28C
  3. 80 f is 26 c.

    I would say your temperature is fine, however you should still get a fan to move air around the plants, not to necessarily cool them if your temperatures are fine. Plus, the fan will help disperse the warm air around the light to other parts of your basement and cool it faster.

    The thermometer should go near the leaves of the plant.
  4. we have two blowing in fresh air from outside and one just moving air around the room...the stems on our plants are strong (although we're having other issues due to fertilization)

    our plants, if anything could be closer to the light, not farther...something we plan on remedying soon.

    glad to hear my temp is within okay range. we really can't afford an a/c unit.

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