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  1. if i vent the heat from my grow tent into the middle of the room that the tent is in (large loft room) and not to a specific point e.g. vent going outside . therefore using the heat from the tent to heat the room, so to speak allow me to not be so paranoid of FLIR?

    also will the smell come with the venting of the heat? or can i stop the smell before that?
  2. Ya the smell will go outside special after the 4th week of flowering. Use a canfilter before your exhaust fan ;) And you have free heating!!
  3. so as the heat is going straight into the room and heating up the room, i wont have any large hot spots.

    i will be using only 1 400 hps lamp

    this canfilter will rid the smell?

  4. Yup canfilter 33 and then canfan 6" to pull out the air. More then enough.

    Try to have the hot air to out from the top of you grow tent ;)
  5. yea charcol filters are the way for odor, you can hook them up either at intake or exhaust
  6. i will have the heat come out of near the top but, when it comes out of the exhaust pipe is it ok to send it straight into the middle of a room instead of to a vent outside (so it heats the room) and therefore my heat signature to the flir police copters isnt high.
  7. One 400w light isn't gonna give off enough heat to show up on a FLIR. You can relax a little there....but make sure you use one of the previously mentioned filter systems for odors. Odors will give you away long before a FLIR will.
  8. How big is your grow room?

    1 x 430w = 2' x 2'
    1 x 600w = 3' x 3'
    1 x 1000w = 4' x 4'

    Have fun ;)

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