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  1. Hey all, I have an 8 day old seedling that i started out in jiffy mix seed starting mix with extra perlite and spagnum moss. So far shes looking good and healthy. I want to transplant her outside in a mix of Lowes jungle growth with pearlite and spahgnum moss and normal soil from outside and lime. Right now i have her under 2 26w 6500k CFL but want to set her to her new home. When would it be a good time to mover her over?

    and If i were to germinate a new seed and start it directly outside in the soil would it survive?

    I appriciate all your help :D

    below is a pic of her earlier today

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  2. do you need to put it in the ground? if staying in that pot is an option, id let it get a bit bigger before putting it in the ground.
  3. You have an 8 day old seedling OUTDOORS in mid August ?? Sorry to tell you, that will yield zero, far too late.
  4. even in florida ?
  5. What´s special about Florida ???
  6. Umm it doesn't freeze till november here if at all, giving his plant a good month to grow then begin flowering. Trust me i do it every year and pull 1-3 ounces per female.
  7. Yup.. here in sunny florida it gets to about 70 to90 in the winter and maybe....just maybe it might get to 60 or 50 over night for like i night then back up to the 70 to 90's no joke! My wife hates that about it here but o well :D.
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    lots easier to start those ladies inside. easier to baby them. Using Feminized seeds? Reason I ask is you have a 50/50 chance of getting a boy. My curent grow I had two boys of three plants. if not just be prepared. I'd get those cfl right down on that plant with in a inch or two and adjust dailey. Light intensity lessen every inch. let it get like 5 inches with couple sets of leaves atleast then it will have a healthy root system. also when the time comes you must let it get acclimated to the outside. start by putting it out durring the day and bring it in at night. little by little leave it out longer until you leave it out all night. then put it in the ground.
  9. If you're south of the frost line, you can grow year round...I do.
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    So you have been abel to grow year round? how long dose it take before you flower in florida?

    and can a seedling survive if germinated inside and then directly planted outside in the spot in the ground where i want it to grow?

  11. Not sure I understand the question, but I usually vegetate my cuttings (or seedlings) in my growbox for 2-3 months or until they get too big. Then I put the plants outside to finish.

    May - August are my biggest challenges because the days are still lengthening..(.well at least thru mid June) so the girls still want to vegetate outdoors. Also in high summer, the humidity is pretty bad here so I'm experiencing some bud rot and pest issues. My ideal growing is from like Sept. thru Feb.

    I like to raise up seedlings a little bit (a month or so) before putting it out into the heat and humidity, but it should grow okay if you put it out earlier.

    Good growing, good luck.
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    Veg them a few days inside then put them outside in
    promix with water crystals and feed them food hydroponic nutes..

    They would need sun from Sunrise to Sunset and they will take off..

    There are people that plant all the way till 2nd week of September
    gettin no less then 1/2oz a plants up to 2oz.
  13. Update!!! She blew up over the last few days... Her leaves are a beautifully green and she is beginning to smell too!!! is that normal for such a small plant?

    Here is what she is looking like now

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  14. Im being forced within the next 2 weeks which she would be about 40 days vegging to have to move her outside. where im moving her she will have from 6 to 9 hours of direct sunlight. In laws are comming to visit so im gonna have to move her outside. Luckily my father in law use to be a smoker :).

    when do plants outside in sofla flower around when? I've had her on a 18/6 cycle and she is looking beautiful :) (Rubs hands together)

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