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Newbie needs help covering up the smell...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ronnokk, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. So, I'm living with my parents (I'm 18), and I'm trying to hide my weed so it doesn't smell. Right now, Its in 3 layers of ziplock bags, wrapped in a sock, and covered in clothes...I can still smell it a bit in my room. My sister came in and immediately knew, but she was cool with it, thankfully. Anyone got some advice? I've read about dryer sheets, but I'm not sure. Please pardon any errors, I'm high as fuck :hello:
  2. How much do you smoke, and do you smoke in your room?
  3. I smoke about 2-3 bowls at a time, and I smoke outside.
  4. They can probably still smell the smoke. Buy some febreeze or ozium
  5. I have some "Oust" air spray, supposedly oderless, will that work? Also, if they smell it, how can I talk my way out of it?
  6. Put it in ur pocket, I don't think my parents would ever have pat me down when I lived with them
  7. Get a mason jar, or a vacuum sealed container for your stash. Frebreeze or ozium for your room like mushroomsatsuji said :smoke:
  8. With all those things covering your stash, I doubt the smell is coming from there. It's probably you lol

    And opening a window and blasting the fan has tremendous results, even if only for a short period. With my little room it does at least.
  9. You need something with an airtight seal. Like a Mason jar... or those really thick plastic locking ones they sell at target.

    And Ozium spray is amazing.

    Oh, and if you have a window fan, turn it so it sucks the air out of your room and blows it out the window. this helps a lot, especially if you have another window you can open to create circulation.
  10. Or Hide it in ur parent room. There's no way they would accuse u if they found it in their room. They'd just be like WTF
  11. Yeah go to big lots, wal mart, target, or somethin and see if they have little spice containers that are sealed. Usually they have a rubber seal at the top that's perfect. Usually I just put it in my pocket or something i don't really give a fuck if someone catches me I got my card so no worries lol. But febreeze or oust works fine. Are you putting anything left in the pipe in the stash? Cause I know people can't smell the weed on me unless I have a lot of it, or like a roach in my pocket lol. And I never have a lot on me.
  12. It will but I still suggest getting ozium. If they ask, just say you want your room to smell nice
  13. Go to a CVS or Rite Aid and ask them for a pill bottle. It's airtight and there's no smell.
  14. If you vet ozium you gotta air that shit out ass well unless you wanna end up on your ass.
  15. I've got one of those Taipan energy drink bottles, go to any gas station, they're made of some really thick aluminum and their seal is pretty air tight. They don't taste too bad either.
  16. When I was at home, I'd burn incense all day long and have a scented candle going too. I'd drink a beer so I could claim I was a little tipsy (if they tried to accuse me of being high) and just deny if they said they smelled smoke "Oh I'm trying this new incense it's burning kinda crappy thats why it smells thats what I get for getting the cheap stuff" and they'd just be like "ok" and leave me alone as long as I wasn't driving anywhere soon LOL.

    They probably think I'm an alchy but I rarely drink anymore. I'll let them think that though since it's legal :p
  17. Ooo-ooo that smell. Can't you smell that smell.. The smell that suuurrrounds yooouuuuu...
  18. I keep all my stuff in a mason jar.

    And when I wanna smoke its the fan out the window and sploof at hand

    And i've got a wood pipe that has a little revolving lid. So right after I take a hit I inhale all the smoke that comes out of the bowl and close it. So litteraly no smoke escapes.
  19. both work like charms, both are air tight.

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  20. I have no natural worry for smell detection I keep it to myself it doesn't spread and most people don't care

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