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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by tinche8, Jul 5, 2003.

  1. hi all,
    i just got my seeds and all i ask of is for u guys n gals 2 answer the follwoing questions as i am a newbie n i havent grow before:

    1. how long does it take to germinate weed seeds using the wep paper towel method and in detail can u tell me how i transplant the germ'd seeds into selected medium?

    2.once i have transplanted the germ'd seed into selected medium, how many times should i water them until they pop out..i have a heated propogator BTW? it possible 2 give my seedlings 1/4 strength after the 1st week?

    my green house-

    P.S i know i have started late but thats because i have limited headroom in my greenhouse... it's only 4ft tall.
    anyways i plan 2 veg for 5/6 weeks so my plants grow to atleast a foot b4 going 12/12

    thanks in advance.tinche8!
  2. in response to your first question, if you ordered your seeds from say a seed company off the internet, then they will most likely germinate in only one day (some of mine were germinated in less than 24 hours) but if they dont just leave them in the paper towels for longer until they do.

    in response to you second question, just make sure the soil is damp until you plant sprouts.

    and third.. dont fertilize until its at least 3-4 weeks old, i learned the hard way that you dont want to do that, i fertilized my plants when they were only 2 weeks old and they died, and then i tried again with another plant and once again i killed it, make sure once you do start fertilizing (after at least 3 weeks) that you only do so at 1/4 strength.

    hope i helped you out some buddy. i kinda just said the same thing thc101 did though... oh well.

    peace and good luck with your plants.

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