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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by s12fever, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. Sup fellas.. I'm completly new to this, have had an older brother a few years back who did the same, parents used to aswel - so they don't mind me doing it.
    Was hoping someone could answer a few questions of mine, and help me in any way possible. :)
    I've just planted my germinated seeds yesterday, set up my wardrobe a few weeks ago but got delayed. I have 6 pots with a few seeds in each, each pot is about 6-7 inches in diameter. I've sprinkled a few balls of "plant food" over the top just incase it may help (my mum told me it won't matter anyway, since the soil I used already has enough nutrients in it. She's a horticulture nut). The light I'm using says 15w/33(might be 33, its quite faded) so is that enough? Also what kind of light is this (in pic)? I think i have to lower the light closer to the pot i've heard so i will do that if the light is actually powerful enough to grow it.
    A few more questions... How long should it take the average plant/light to sprout, how long to flower, how long to harvest? There's enough room in my wardrobe to fit a 2-3 ft plant, and if i decide to grow it 5ft+ or whatever, I can easily make room. It's covered in tin-foil all over, plus the lid that covers it is also covered in tin foil...

    I've probably forgotten a few questions i was gonna ask but yea, Anything ytou can answer or help me with, please do so:)


    Wardrobe closed in with the lid - tin-foil covered on the inside.. tons of room at the bottom/top.



    What kind of light? Is it powerful enough?


  2. I also take it out and put it outside under the sun (if it's a nice day) for about 4-5 hours.
    I live in New Zealand and it's winter here since yesterday. if that helps.

  3. Hey buddy welcome to GC:wave:

    just a few things first you said you sprinkle plant food over youre seedlings? MJ plants dont need any kind of nutrients till they are about 2 1/2- 3 weeks old so stop feeding it youre gonna over fert them:p

    Also, i like youre cab its cute :) but you really should lose the foil while it does reflect some light it also creates heat and i read somewhere that it can cause hotspots on youre plants. if you got a little money than get some mylar, it really works wonders i found out. even some flat white paint is alot better than that foil imo.

    the light, looks like maybe a cfl :confused: if it is you really need more light in there
    you can buy some cheap Cfls in home depot for like 10 bucks. not too familiar with whats the best spectrum /temps i have been using hps/MH for my first grow, Soo you could either do a search on "CFL" (lots of posts) or im sure someone else will chime in :)

    Hope this helps a bit good luck!:smoking:

    also dude youre soil looks really wet for it being just seedlings you dont wanna kill them, just have it moist and when the first set of leaves come in i usually would than give it a good drinking
  4. thanks alot for all your feedback bro...has helped alot.
    I'll keep up-to-date when i get another light, and when they sprout :)

    Oh yea, and my pots are only 4 inches in diameter... is that too small?


    Another important question: Will these (plus the one i already have) do? positioned vertically
    Click the link belo0o0ow

    x2 of these placed vertically PLUS the 15w fluero i already have horizontally above them (in pics).
    Enough to grow decent weedums?
  5. hey buddy np glad i could help, im pretty sure those fleuros will work best to let someone else chime in, but i would get as many in there as possible.
    hmm when i was using Cfls i used about 7 of them for around 4 plants.

    Also you stated u put a few seeds in per pot? youre really asking for trouble:p
    you dont want those roots "weaving" into each other.

    As far as the size of the pots you should be ok, theres always been a debate on which is better, i personally start them out in small cups and after a week i put them in bigger ones:smoking:
  6. thanks alot m8. Oh,so a few seeds in each pot is bad? someone told me to sprinkle like 10 in each plant pot, but i didnt have enough so 3 in each...

    mmk, well i'll keep ya'z posted on how it comes along:hello: :smoking:

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