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  1. I planted a weed seed yesterday and it's starting to come up as of today. I've temporarily got it in a jerry rigged pot which is a 12-oz Dr. Pepper can and plan on transitioning it to an actual pot once it gets bigger. I also have Rapid Start Root Enhancer and need to know how often to feed it to my plant and how much. Also got turtles and have heard goldfish water is good for plants. Is turtle water good too? Any other tips?


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  2. Don't feed it anything yet. What soil is it in?
  3. I already fed it a little bit of the Rapid Start out of my own curiosity, admittedly without looking anything up. Right now, one of the head leaves is curled outward all of the way, as it should be, but the other is standing upright still. Anything the Rapid Start could have to do with that?

  4. Calm down cheech, nothing to stress about there.

    That soil might run out of nutes by the time you transplant in 2 weeks, but then it's going into a bigger pot with more fresh soil, if I'm not mistaken. You shouldn't have to feed it anything for a good 6 weeks.

    Personally I would recommend a $6 bag of Espoma tomato-tone and a $6 bag of wormcastings at the bare minimum, that will carry you through to harvest. Just mix it into your topsoil once a month with a handful of wormcastings.

    If you've got a fishtank then you might have an extra air pump laying around, in which case you can make your own compost teas which will be a thousand times better than your fishtank water.

    1 gal water, quarter cup wormcastings, 1 tbsp unsulfured blackstrap molasses. Split it between 2x 1 gal jugs so they don't overflow with foam and run an airline into each. Bubble for 2 days and use immediately, do not store any extra. If you need more just double the recipe and use a bucket. I give this to my plants once per month after top dressing and whenever I think they could use the boost. Works like a charm.

  5. I actually already have some specially made soil from this Russian guy I know, so I'm good th ere. I don't have an air pump, either. :\\ Would water from the turtle tank still work as a sort of fertilizing material, though? And would it go well with the Rapid Start? I can't do any of that last part either 'cause I'm on a budget of basically whatever that Russian guy provides me with, and we're trying to do it as natural as possible.

  6. I wouldn't use any water that your pets are pooping in unless it's fully aerated. Turtle shit sitting in still water? Probably loaded with anaerobic bacteria, which isn't good for your plants. Compost tea costs pennies per gal and you know what's in it because you put it there.

  7. Could you perhaps post a little more in-depth guide on how to do all of that stuff in this thread?

  8. If I had to do it cheap, I'd get a couple of $1 airstones from walmart. Use a bucket or a couple of jugs. Some people brew it in a watering can with the shower head removed (gets clogged).

    I use a commercial pump and a homemade diffuser for large amounts but a cheap one will do for small batches, I'm sure you can find one for free if not a few bucks. Once you realize how effective it is you'll want to invest in a decent pump and make lots of it, but this will do the trick.

    Mix 1 tbsp of molasses (must be unsulfured blackstrap), 4 tbs aka quarter cup of wormcastings (iced tea scoops are handy as they are exactly 4 tbsp/quarter cup) into a gal of water and just bubble it for 2 days, then pour it into your soil. Might have to weigh down your airstones with something, you want them bubbling at the bottom not floating up top.

    My diffuser: Cost a few bucks to make
    CtypXEu.jpg smaller.jpg smaller2.jpg

    Diffuser goes into my 5 gal brew bucket, aerates with so much energy the water jumps and splashes around, providing maximum oxygen saturation, which prevents anaerobic bacteria from growing and maximizes the beneficial aerobic bacteria that you want.

    And here are some threads with more info:

    There are countless recipes and ingredients you can use, what I gave you is very basic yet extremely effective.
  9. If I am to use the mix immediately, how much should I make for a single plant?

  10. I would make a gallon. Whatever you don't use just pour it out somewhere, houseplants, yard, wherever. It's 100% organic and completely harmless to the environment. Plus it's stupid cheap to make anyway, only throwing away a penny or two.

    I pour leftovers into my veggie garden and they seem to like it:


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