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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by boudica1, May 9, 2006.

  1. Hey all, I'm really a newbie. I've only ever smoked pot once. It helped me alot with my problem. I have a serious disease which effects my digestion so I pretty much am nauseated 24/7 and throw up almost everything I eat. It sucks, BIG TIME! Anyways, I found this place several months ago and kinda like it. I haven't bought any pot and am truly naive about how, where, and who to get it from. I have a friend who lives near Mexico who says he may be able to do something for me, I don't know. So, I thought I would introduce myself and see if I can make any friends here. I also live near a big city, but wouldn't really know where to go there either. I know NO ONE is going to give me directions or anything - just thought I'd post and say HI:wave: boudica1
  2. I take a bong hit for every noobie i can. so cheers.
  3. Hey man, hope you get better. Some places to look would be if you know any friends who use/tried, sometimes you can just tell someone ya know. Usually if the person looks cool, and is convinced you're not a cop they may help you. Be careful tho, no reason to risk gettin in trouble for asking the wrong person. If you want it, it will usually find you somehow
  4. Hey man! That's cool to see that you're using it for that purpose and that it really did help ya out with your disease, just be careful!

    Welcome to the city, where do you live at?
  5. Hi :wave: Welcome to the City!
  6. Thanks all for the welcome. Mundi, as to where I live - it's near Austin, TX. Where do you live? I would love a pen pal!... :hello: Still sick as a dog. I've been in the hospital again lately and found out this morning that I've now lost my job. What a pain in the butt. Maybe someone's trying to tell me I need the break. However, finances will be a problem in the near future. Oh well, so on it goes...Boudica
  7. WELCOME TO GC! :wave:

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