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Newbie here !

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Rook34, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. So im new to the whole smoking thing.. But I gotta say, the first time I did it I loved the feeling it brought me, Nice peaceful mind set.. and not a care in the world. But not whenever I smoke it, all i get is the munchies like a mudafucka and I dont feel anything else other than the munchies.. :confused: I dont know if this is the weed.. Or just my body like becoming immune? I have no Idea.. Or could it be Im not smoking out of my pipe the right way? Suggestions?

    Help a brother out :smoke:

    P.S How do I rolll a blunt/joint?
  2. Satisfy the munchies. Maybe take a couple more hits after?

    edit: there's also threads around the city that could help you with rolling broseph
  3. Thanks broseph :) Ahah. Its getting really annoying though, I take 4-5 hits before.. Then like 3 after.. :p Soo.. I dunno
  4. You should feel high AND the munchies, not just the munchies
    as far as rolling, you should practice because no technique given to you is going to make you roll great your first time or anything, its just about practice.
  5. Thats the problem man! I dont feel high! I just get the munchies really bad!! And Sounds good.
  6. change the way your smoking, change your environment
  7. Change the way im smoking?
  8. Hit da bong my friend. There is no way it can't get you ripped.

  9. Yeah, like the method
    Blunts, bongs, bowls, joints
    theres all kinds of ways to smoke, I like bongs and blunts :smoking:
  10. Me being the new guy here.. Fill me in on 'bowls'.. o_O Difference between blunts/joints? :/
  11. R u serious?? One is rolled tobacco the other in rolling paper. Plenty of youtube videos that'll show exactly what u want to know.
  12. Just keep practicing rolling until you find a technique that you like and that gets you high.

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