Newbie here! Sup GC!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Irl_johnsnow, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. Any Nashville tokers out there? I'm new here. Not looking for hookups or to violate the rules. Just seeing what the community is like in music city.
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  2. Welcome fellow prohibition red state bro, I’m not in Nash but in the south. I’ve been there several times and had a blast as everybody does on Broadway but dam that city has changed since my first trip in the early 90s. You’ll find a lot of cool folks on this site.
  3. Right on right on looking forward to talking to yall! I just moved here from out of state. I'm liking it so far but the whole "not knowing a soul" and having no friends here is getting old. The prohibition thing does suck though too
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  4. Welcome to the boards......and to Nashville:love-m3j:

    Floridian here.....but like above member said.....some pretty cool, and knowledgable, people on here!

    Welcome aboard
  5. i am also new in town from california and looking for fellow smokers! i’m having trouble finding good stuff but i also wanted to see how much people smoke around here because it’s a lot different than california!

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